Sunday, 4 February 2007

More BB moans

Hopefully this will be my last BB related moan -- ever! I'm so fed up with the whole thing. There was once a brilliant discussion about racism that everyone seemed interested in joining in. People weren't afraid of saying what they thought and as a result opinions changed, ideas were conceived and outlooks expanded. Then the press got hold of it and made everything look worse than it was. It made people who had never even seen Big Brother angry, with them not thinking for a minute that they were being manipulated by a publication eager for readers.

For those who were enjoying the discussion, enjoying learning, we're now so fed up with it all that we've given up. No-one wants to talk about racism any more and in fact it's become a JOKE. A running gag. That's all this overblown media attention has done. What all these newspapers with their "crusades against racism" (they're not just trying to get you to buy their paper, honest) and overblown statements from politicians (they're not just fearful of not being "in touch", honest) have done: Made the average person, who was once interested in learning about socio-political issues, not interested any more. Great.

Those who are still interested are just angry. The newspapers have shown us how wrong and evil certain people are, so we must get angry with them and vilify them! Apparently.

Now those poor three, ignorant women have been subjected to the very thing that the so called 'moral right' were angry at them for: Bullying, disproportionate anger and being turned into a scapegoat.

Shilpa never had it this bad.

You don't think that these women might have learnt from their mistakes already, do you? You know: Seeing the media furore, their own drop in popularity and the general "tut tutting" of morally minded citizens. It just might be enough to make them think differently. After all, these are not the heads of the BNP, Combat 18 or the KKK we're talking about. But no, let's send them death threats, put bricks through their windows and make them afraid to go home. Yeah, that's how we'll teach them to love others!

Great job, you bunch of idiots.

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