Sunday 7 February 2010

Battlestar Galactica Viewing Order (No spoilers!)

The ultimate viewing order for Battlestar Galactica!

With so many off-shoots, extended episodes, webisodes, one-off movies and weird bits and pieces it's very hard for a new Battlestar Galactica fan to know exactly what order to watch everything in.

That's why, with the help of the kind folks at the Home Theater Forum, I decided to piece together a recommended viewing order for the entire series. But not just that, I've put together information on which versions of episodes you should watch and where you can find them, too. This really is the ultimate guide! (At least, it should be.)

I hope you find it useful, and if you do think I've missed something, please leave a comment and let me know!

Note: I heartily recommend watching the deleted scenes featured on your DVDs/Blurays after watching each episode. Some scenes (especially in Season 4, in my opinion) add a lot to the story and character's motivations. If you're ever confused as to why a character should suddenly do something, you may find your answer on the cutting room floor.

Let's begin:

The Miniseries

Season 1

Season 2

Razor (101 minute extended version - not the 81 minute broadcast version)
TV movie. If you have this on DVD or Bluray, you have the extended version.

Important note: This was originally broadcast just before Season 4, but chronologically it fits here, telling more of the Pegasus's story. Some people argue it's better to watch after Season 3, as originally broadcast, but it makes most sense to watch it here.

The reason that the placement of Razor is a hotly contested issue among BSG fans is because of a bit of dialogue at the very end (in the last 10 minutes) which sets the tone for Season 4 (barely even a spoiler). Everything else in this TV movie is not a spoiler.

So why place it here, and not where it was originally broadcast, if there's any sort of issue? Because, chronologically, the story is set here, and by the time you reach the end of Season 3, the story on the Pegasus will feel like ancient history. Indeed, that was the complaint echoed around the internet from fans after Razor originally aired -- it had nothing to do with what was going on in the story at that time.

As a result of this, most fans agree it's better to watch Razor here. In doing so, you'll appreciate the story more and it will have greater emotionally resonance. In short: I highly recommend that you follow my advice and watch it here.

There is one small caveat, however: In order to deal with the above dialogue issue, and so not to unintentionally alter the tone of Season 3, I have two, very specific instructions that I recommend that you follow for your absolute optimum enjoyment.

I will try not to spoil anything with these instructions, so pay attention. You need to press MUTE on your TV (and/or turn off any subtitles) in the following moments. These moments occur in the last 10 minutes of the story, so you can relax and enjoy the first 90 mins before you need to worry.

Press MUTE when:

1. The hybrid touches Shaw. (You can unmute as soon as the hybrid lets go.)

and shortly afterwards:

2. When Red One contacts Pegasus. (You will literally hear the dialogue, "This is Red One come in" and see Pegasus respond -- mute before Red One can give their message to Pegasus.) You can unmute when you see Red One on your screen -- actually before that, but there's no other visual clue I can give you.

3. When Starbuck is talking to Lee, mute after Lee says, "Well, ever think you might deserve it?". You can unmute when she turns to leave.

That's it! That's all you have to worry about. A couple of very small moments, and even if you don't unmute it, it's not a huge spoiler, it just unintentionally alters the tone of Season 3 if you don't, so do try your best to follow my instructions.

  • Optional: Razor Flashbacks

    Note: This was billed as a "seven episode web series", but really they are just deleted scenes from the shorter broadcast version of Razor. In fact, most of these scenes are now reintegrated into the extended version of Razor (the one on DVD and Bluray), making what's left even more unessential.

    They are mentioned here only for the sake of completeness, and because they're often a source of confusion. Don't worry, they are far from necessary. The only "episodes" not reintegrated are 1, 2 and some parts of 7, so they're the only ones to note.

    All 7 of these "episodes" were originally released online before Razor was broadcast, and I'd recommend watching 1 and 2 beforehand, and 7 afterwards. They don't really add much to the story, though.

  • 2.18 Downloaded
  • 2.19 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I
  • 2.20 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

The Resistance
A 10 episode web-based series bridging seasons 2 and 3. (25 mins.)

This should be included on your DVDs/Blurays.

Season 3

Razor: Yes, this again. (Well this is where Razor was originally broadcast, after all.) Remember the last 10 minutes where I told you to MUTE two small moments? Well, guess what, now is when you get to go back and hear what was said. Watch the last 10 minutes of Razor here.

Season 4

Season 4 Continued (aka "Season 4.5" or "The Final Season")

The Face of the Enemy
A 10 episode web-based series (although it plays together like an intense mini-episode). (36 mins.)

These episodes have not been included on any DVD or Blu-ray releases -- except for the Japanese Blu-ray release of Season 4. A real pain.

They are not presently available anywhere else in the world to my knowledge, but I highly recommended you do your best to find them. Not only were they hugely enjoyable, but they explain a few important things that set up the next episode.

Update: You can watch the entire webseries online here. (Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tipoff.)

The Plan (DVD/Bluray movie)
A stand-alone movie that shows (approximately) the first two seasons from the Cylons' perspective. (You finally get to see "The Plan", mentioned all those times in the opening sequence!) Although The Plan was originally released after the show had finished, it is generally agreed that it should be watched here, so that everything is all tied up when you do reach the end.

The Plan : This is where this DVD/Bluray movie was originally released (after the show had finished).
It seems universally agreed that it's preferable to watch this after No Exit, instead of after you've finished the entire series, but there's no harm in waiting until now.

An entire TV series set 58 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, and revealing the events surrounding the creation of the Cylons. (Although it's worth noting that you don't have to have seen BSG to watch Caprica... and some people have decided to watch this series first, even though it was produced after BSG had finished.)

  • 1.01 Pilot
  • 1.02 Rebirth
  • 1.03 Reins of a Waterfall
  • 1.04 Gravedancing
  • 1.05 There Is Another Sky
  • 1.06 Know Thy Enemy
  • 1.07 The Imperfections of Memory
  • 1.08 Ghosts in the Machine
  • 1.09 End of the Line
  • 1.10 Unvanquished
  • 1.11 Retribution
  • 1.12 Things We Lock Away
  • 1.13 False Labor
  • 1.14 Blowback
  • 1.15 The Dirteaters
  • 1.16 The Heavens Will Rise
  • 1.17 Here Be Dragons
  • 1.18 Apotheosis
Blood and Chrome
This was potentially a whole new show at one stage, but it appears to be now just a stand-alone TV movie. The story follows the exploits of a young William Adama during the First Cylon War, and is considered a sequel to Caprica and a prequel to Battlestar Galactica.

After disappearing off the radar for a long time (possibly indicating that it wasn't up to the standards set by BSG), the story was finally been release for viewing on in 10 episodes. Then it was released on DVD/Bluray as a movie in a rated and unrated form. 

I've been told there are no BSG spoilers, so you can watch this anytime you want.

And so ends the incredible saga of the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, I hope you've enjoyed the journey.

Further reading
Well not quite "reading", but if you're a fan you may enjoy the following:

Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica podcast is nothing short of incredible, and highly recommended for fans and wannabe TV writers. As he goes through each episode, I believe you can watch the show and listen to his comments without fear of spoilers.

You can download and read (see, there is some reading) the show's original "Bible" (contains major spoilers, natch).

And for some amusement, I recommend reading the original reaction to the show on the Home Theater Forum (no real spoilers). Next time you see some fans getting bent out of shape over something they haven't watched yet, remember this! :)

Anything else?


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Agouri said...

Thanks a lot for that, im currently watching it in that order.
So say we all.

Johnny Walker said...

No problems. Glad it could be of help.

Anonymous said...

where can i get extended edition of episode 10 from second season?

Johnny Walker said...

You can find it on every release of Battlestar Galactica (i.e. DVD or Bluray, Region 1 or Region 2 - at the very least). You shouldn't have any problems finding it.

thegreyspot said...

arnt there webepisodes between s3 and s4?

Johnny Walker said...

In a word, "no". (Perhaps you're thinking of "Face of the Enemy"?)

Andy said...

You're my hero

Alton said...

Thanks a lot! I was so confused and worried about spoiling parts of the plot until I saw your list! :)

ASTRO [ Jazziel ] said...

i just started watching this show. i know im late but i avoided it and my friends been pounding me about it for years. so ive finally decided to watch it. man have i been missing out.

anyway my question is, when it comes to i watch the movie first of the tv show??

Anonymous said...

What about the "Razor Flashback" webisode? Where does that fit?

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Does Face of the Enemy goes after season 4.0 or after first episode of season 4.5?

Johnny Walker said...

I believe you can watch the Razor Flashbacks before or after Razor, sorry for not being more sure (I'll check).

Johnny Walker said...

Face of the Enemy goes after the first episode of Season 4.5. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the guide.

courtneypie said...

On the Razor dvd there are websodes featuring the first cylon war (and Bill Adama), where do those go?

Fyxx said...

Thank you Johnny for your informative and well-researched list.

I have one question, you said after the end of Season 3 "Most fans would agree that it's worth watching the end of Razor again at this point", how much of the end/from what scene did you have in mind when you wrote that? Thanks.

Johnny Walker said...

Sorry if I've not been absolutely clear, again, folks. I've attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions in the list itself. Sorry it took so long for me to update the guide.

AKA said...

For what it's worth, I just finished watching the series on DVD via Netflix, and your guide was incredibly helpful, so thanks!

That being said, I watched it on regular DVD, not Blu-Ray, and all of the extended editions that you mentioned were available on those standard DVDs.

Thanks again!

Sam said...

Great list - thanks for putting it together

Johnny Walker said...

Hi Michael, thanks for letting me know. I did a lot of research before I watched the show, and I was pretty sure the extended versions were Bluray only...? I wonder if there's a new release out there? Thanks for the heads up, though.

Jimi said...

Thanks alot for this page. Your guide helped me as I started to get every piece of the series together and had some confusion on when to watch what.

BSG will be with me always and it is with great sadness that I watched "the plan" today and found it all at an end. The series is by far the best I have ever seen and in my life there have been several to move me. May it live on forever. So say we all.

Anonymous said...

Having just recently finished re-watching the series, "The Plan" fits in very well right after "No Exit".

Steph said...

Thanks Johnny, you are a lifesaver! Sadly we are getting towards the end of the series but have had anxiety about which order to watch them in and you've helped clear that up, much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

I might argue that The Plan fits better right before No Exit.

Anonymous said...

I could see that, however the Mystery of the final five gets addressed in "No Exit", but then really gets flushed out in "The Plan". Probably just a matter of preference really as it serves as a companion piece either way.

Anonymous said...

Could you update the section about Caprica? There appears to be a 2009 movie, S01E00 pilot, S01E00 extras, S01E01 pilot, then episodes 1 through 9. Thanks for the compilation of info!

MZorba said...

I just finished with watching whole show in that order. Just have The Plan left. Also i am planing to watch Caprica now so it would be nice to see viewing order for Caprica.
Thanks for great tutorial. :)

Anonymous said...

I have just started watching the series, thanks for the list.

Someone recommended watching Season 2 in the following order:

2x16 Sacrifice
2x18 Downloaded
2x17 The Captain's Hand
2x19 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I
2x20 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

His rationale was that "Downloaded" contains a temporal reference that places it before "Razor", but that "Razor" is best watched just after "The Captain's Hand." What do you think?

Johnny Walker said...

I'm not sure if that's totally necessary, or if it adds to the experience. Sorry! (Maybe someone can weight in?)

Johnny Walker said...

Any more votes for putting The Plan before or after No Exit?

Anonymous said...

thanks for that u rock

hansson said...

I have here 7 "minisodes" that supposedly were aired just before season 4.
But I can't find them in this btw great guide.

Johnny Walker said...

Thanks! These are the 7 Razor flashbacks.

hansson said...

Ahh, I figured that out after watching them. Thanks for a good job on the tutorial. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet, thanks was sure someone had dug into what is the best order =)

If you would had a flattr button I would have flattred you!

Anonymous said...

This guide helped me out quite a bit. thanks!

Florist said...

wow thanks so much, you're the man.

Anonymous said...

Where do the S04 minisodes fall in? After season 4? I have 20 episodes of season 4 (your guide shows 19???), and 7 of these s04 minisodes as well...

Johnny Walker said...

The "minisodes" as you call them are known as "The Face of the Enemy", and are, as the guide says, "a 10 episode web-based series".

Your "20 episodes" of Season 4 must include "Daybreak" as two smaller episodes (as it was originally broadcast), instead of the longer version that's available on Bluray releases.

Finally, it's clear you've just downloaded the series, which is why you don't know the episode names. I'd say it is worth BUYING and supporting those that made it.

Anonymous said...

I think you misread. I said I was talking about the 7 minisodes of s04, not the 10 minisodes of the face of the enemy. These minisodes are not listed in your guide, all others are accounted for already including the plan and the resistance.
Thank you for reading.

As for buying it, I am buying them ,but I can not afford it all at once. It is an amazing series, which I do not want to wait years to finish it soley based on the fact that I missed it when it aired FOR FREE.

Johnny Walker said...

Ok. Well, there are no "7 minisodes of s04". Again, this is probably because you've just downloaded it and don't really know. What you're talking about are the seven "Razor Flashbacks". These are not part of Season 4, or, really, part of the canon. They're just some deleted scenes from Razor.

Hope that helps. Enjoy the show!

Pushtrak said...

Anyone here who hasn't seen Babylon 5 ought to give that a shot, too. Fantastic show.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would update this to include all the specials that were released. When should I watch The Last Frakkin' Special and others like that?

Johnny Walker said...

Sorry, I've no idea. I've never watched any of the "behind the scenes" specials.

I think Battlestar Galactica: Revealed/The Phenomenon aired before Season 4 and The Last Frakkin' Special aired before the final episode... I *think*.

Unknown said...

Thanks for putting the time in to research this list. I am enjoying BSG immensely but, sadly, its nearing its end. Looking forward to starting Firefly tho. Good Hunting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this ! I watched Caprica first (which explains the existence of the Cylons), then BSG in the order listed made sense. Fantastic.

Johnny Walker said...

Hi Anonymous, can you tell me if you watched the entire show (all 18 episodes), or just the pilot?

Anonymous said...

All 18 :)

Alex said...

Great blog, Johnny. I just want to confirm: Will watching "The Plan" after "No Exit" spoil anything? I'm just three episodes away from "No Exit," and I like the idea of finishing with the actual finale of the series, not "The Plan," if possible.

Johnny Walker said...

Hi Alex, thanks very much.

I don't believe anything will be spoiled, but just go ahead and watch the finale instead. Watching The Plan first was just a suggestion. I watched The Plan after the finale and enjoyed it. You just have to be prepared to go right back to the beginning of the story.

Alex said...

Yeah? I really don't mind starting again at the beginning before continuing with the final episodes. Thought I'd rather see "The Plan" before the finale so I had more a sense of closure. Silly, I know, but do you still think I should just finish the series first?

Anonymous said...

I've followed recommendations so far (other than watching Caprica first),
and highly recommend. Don't miss the webisodes ! Thanks Johnny !
I'll watch 'The Plan' following 'No Exit' and comment after finishing season 4.

Johnny Walker said...

No Alex, I think you might get more of a sense of closure if you watch The Plan before the finale, which is why I suggest it in my guide.

I don't _recommend_ you pick either order: Just choose the one that feels right for you.

If you watch The Plan before finale, write back here with your feelings at its placement.

Johnny Walker said...

Look forward to your comment, Robin!

Johnny Walker said...

Alex, I only said for you to watch The Plan after the finale because you sounded so reluctant to do so before. Let us know which way you go!

Alex said...

No, no. I wasn't reluctant. That's why I said in my first post that I liked the idea of finishing with the finale and not "The Plan."

Anyway, that's just what I'm doing. Wife and I watched "The Plan" last night after "No Exit." It was a perfect place for it.

Tonight we just watched "Deadlock." Getting too close to the end. Weep, weep.

Johnny Walker said...

Well, sorry for the miscommunication. Great to hear that it all worked out for you. Enjoy the rest of the show!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know, I am watching these on Netflix and I am trying to start Caprica but I am a little bit confused. Netflix has Battlestar Galactica: Caprica, Caprica Season 1.0 and Caprica Season 1.5. Is the first one, the "film" a seperate entity or is that covered in the season episodes? Thanks!

Johnny Walker said...

I believe that's just the pilot episode, and it probably included in Caprica 1.0 anyway. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks...I just started watching the series and was a bit daunted when I looked in Netflix and saw all of the different pieces. All good now.

Anonymous said...

is it safe to watch "Catch the Frak Up" after 4.0? thanks!

Johnny Walker said...

Yes, "Catch The Frack Up" is designed to be watched after "Revelations", i.e. before Season 4.5.

It's only a recap, though. It doesn't add anything you haven't already seen, but it is amusing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i see you didn't include the specials. I watched the series 3 times already and this list is what i used this time, so far was best order.

1. Pilot
2. Season 1
3. Season 2 - E1-E17
4. Razor
5. Webisodes - Razor
6. Season 2 - E18-E20
7. Webisodes - The Resistance
8. Season 3
9. Season 4 - E1-E11
10. Webisodes - Face of the Enemy
11. Special - Top 10 Things You Need to Know
12. Season 4 - E12-E15
13. The plan
14. Season 4 - E16-E18
15. Special -The Last Frakkin Special
16. Season 4 - E19
17. Special - The Phenomenon
18. Special - Revealed

Anyways, you did a good thing to post such a guide online
Best of luck

Johnny Walker said...

Thanks for that, Anonymous, I'm sure it will be very helpful to those who want to watch the Specials.

Interestingly, you missed out "Catch The Frak Up", which goes after Season 4 - E10.

Unknown said...

Not sure where I've been, but just started watching from the begining, after playing BGO.

privatewriter93 said...

I started watching a month ago, and I'm already up to season 3, so I think I will just continue watching as they were aired, and then on my already planned second time, I'll watch it in this order (with deleted scenes), and then the third time with commentary.

Johnny Walker said...

Wow, Ben, I'm surprised you're doing that. The version listed in the blog post is really intended for ALL viewers (especially first time viewers), but if you want to go for the "originally aired" version, then this is what you want to do:

First, use the following order. (Unfortunately it does mean that Face of the Enemy will be in the wrong place for the story.)

1. Mini-series
2. Season 1
3. Season 2
4. Webisodes - The Resistance
5. Season 3
6. Websides - Razor Flashbacks
7. Razor
8. Season 4 - E1-E10
9. Webisodes - Face of the Enemy
10. Season 4 - E11-E19
11. The Plan

Next, you need to make sure you're watching the edited/shorter versions of the following episodes. (I'm not sure how many of them are even officially available on DVD or Bluray.)

Edited episodes:
Season 2 - E10
Razor (movie)
Season 3 - E9
Season 4 - E12
Season 4 - E18
Season 4 - E19 (split into two episodes for the original airing: Part One and Two)

Again, I'm not sure why somebody would insist on watching things in as they were originally edited for broadcast, rather than in their "director's cut" form, but if that's what you want to do, then enjoy!

Let us know which viewing you think is better when you watch it a second time round.

privatewriter93 said...

I meant the originally aired order, not versions, I'm still watching the extended episodes. I'm just doing it this way because I was already over half way through before discovering this list.

Johnny Walker said...

Oh, cool. I'd recommend following the order from now on (you've only missed watching Razor during Season 2, which is perfectly fine - just watch it further down the list where it was originally aired).

If you keep The Plan until after the show has finished, as aired, I'd still recommend watching The Face of the The Enemy after S04E11 ("Sometimes A Great Notion"), because that's exactly where it fits.


Shaul said...

Where can you find the miniseries? does hulu or netflix have it or do I have to buy it on dvd?

Johnny Walker said...

Shaul, I live in the UK, you're going to have to find that out for yourself. I have no idea.

Cr. said...

Razor should come after season 3. Bad advice to watch before, doesn't matter it's chronological. Season three has too much mystery written into it; you would not want to better "understand" the actions of the Pegasus crew. Don't you remember that discovery & tension on first viewing?

Johnny Walker said...

By the time Season 3 had ended, I had little or no interest in the Pegasus crew, and almost everyone I've asked felt the same way. There's nothing in Season 3 to do with Pegasus at all, nor Season 4. It makes more sense to wrap that story up while it's still fresh in your mind (especially as a LOT of things happen in Season 3).

My reaction watching it later was, "Why am I watching a story about these guys, now?!". It had no bearing or relevance on what was happening in the main show.

I've referenced in the guide where it originally was broadcast, and your vote for watching it there is noted, but I actually found it very jarring to have to sit for 90 minutes watching characters I'd forgotten about.

I've yet to hear a compelling reason why it makes more sense to wait until after Season 3, but I'm all ears if you've got one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, it was a big help!

Had a really hard time finding the extended episodes online though, but they were worth it. Still can't find Daybreak extended online and I'm nearing it. Gotta step my game up.

Rgarding The Plan, many fans say it sucks so should I sully my BSG experience by watching it or not?

Johnny Walker said...

I think the hate for The Plan comes from the fact the people didn't expect it to be set during Seasons 1 and 2. I think they were rather bummed out by it. That's one of the reasons to watch it after No Exit, rather than after the show has finished.

I personally loved it, either way.

Rob G said...

Just wanted to drop by to thank you for this viewing order, it guided me through watching BSG and I no longer felt a nagging worry that I was "doing it wrong", so thanks for that :D

Regarding the placement of Razor, I prefer it between seasons 3 & 4, but I think it depends how you're watching the show. For me, it felt like a Lost-style flashback, where it's important for setting tone and foreshadowing; it wasn't a problem to "interrupt" the story chronologically. I feel that it would have been worse to have Razor's ending during season 2; all the tone setting and foreshadowing would just muddle up the season.
That's just me though, and I definitely understand why it's placed where it is for the overall viewing order. I just don't mind "going back" at times.

Again, thanks for the viewing order :D

Gabriel said...

Thank you very much for the list. It is very helpful although with the picture on the top you did insert a little spoiler :)

Johnny Walker said...

I'm glad the guide was useful to you, but I have absolutely no idea what you're referring to.

Patrick said...

Great job with the Guide. Really useful.

I just finished No Exit and i'm going to watch The Plan next.

The order for The Face of the Enemy was just perfect. Just perfect.

Can't believe i'm already almost at the end. Best show ever.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Currently on my third viewing through having finally purchased the blu-rays of everything BSG (except of course Caprica - anyone know the release date?). Having only watched Razor once, I was about to watch it after Ressurection Ship part 2 but thought I'd check online first. Thanks to your list, I'll be watching it in the right place now! Also nice to know a different place to watch The Plan as I think I will enjoy it more when watched after No Exit.

In reply to one of the Caprica questions earlier, the Caprica movie is, from what I remember, the unedited version (in terms of violence/nudity) of the pilot which was released to DVD a good few months before the original air date

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!! FInally someone has the sense to helpfully list all of these WITHOUT being a jerk and spoiling them! :D

DarthMarino said...

I think the first two Razor Flashbacks should be viewed right before the extended Razor. It feels like an intro to the movie and young Adama flashback section picks up perfectly after that. Even though the last one has some footage not in Razor, it's pretty insignificant and doesn't need to be viewed.

Ashley S. said...

Hi, I am making my way (finally!) through BSG and just finished season 2. Thank you for this list as I was very worried about the order to watch I will be watching Razor next, followed by The Resistance. I am wondering if there is a particular reason that The Plan should not be watched after The Resistance? My reasoning would be that if it takes place during the first two seasons, may was well watch it in there, unless there are spoilers or it ends after the point season 3 picks up. Any insight?

Johnny Walker said...

Ashley, "The Plan" features MAJOR spoilers. Do not watch it before "No Exit"!

Ashley S. said...

Thank you for the warning! Watched Razor last night, tonight it's on to The Resistance :) Thank you for this list, it has helped SO much!

Johnny Walker said...

No problem, glad you're enjoying the show!

Reize711 said...

You legend. Thanks for this!

Brazil said...

Hey, I wanted to say that this list has been really helpful, thanks!

I was also hoping to update your list on the idea of finding the Face of the Enemy webisodes anywhere on the web, just as a point of information.

Perhaps they didn't before, but Sci fi channel's website now hosts them on their BSG webisodes page, after this link. So now those who can't use or don't want to use hulu, just be prepared for a lot of sprint commercials.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list.Upto `end` of season 2.Will be watching Razor next.Just thought id say thanks

martin said...

thank you for this.
the next time I decide to re-watch BSG I'll use this guide.

Jason said...

Such a great and useful page. Thanks so much!!

Troy said...

Why do you recommend watching Caprica AFTER the BG series? I saw that you said "some people watch it before", but I am curious to why you recommend it after. Do you think it gives away too much info too early, and spoils some of the surprise/tension in BG?

Anonymous said...

I watched Caprica before knowing much about BSG. Afterwards I continued with BSG and now I'm at season 2.
There's nothing really spoiled if you watch Caprica first. All the characters are different. It kind of adds more background knowledge to the cylons and their religion - as well as how the technology looked like 50 years before the events of BSG. But there are loose ends between those shows which are not tied (at least until now for me). There isn't much overlap between the series solely regarding historic facts given away.

Battalstar said...

Great guide helped me a lot when i watched series.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this was so much help when I was re-watching the series

Anonymous said...

Anymore info on Blood and Chrome?

Thanks for the blog, i used it to watch the series.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a your BSG viewing order list! Great job. jxf011

Anonymous said...

I noticed this was asked earler but I didn't see an answer. There is a Caprica movie and show on Netflix, I don't know if there the same or different. Mind giing me some insight on this?

Suhail said...


I am new to this and have so far following your guide. I have just finished episode 11 of Season 2, and have been search for days and weeks from before of when to watch "Razor". Some people say to watch it after Season 3 as it was aired while other say to watched it after Season 2, your was the only detailed one that to watch after episode 17 of Season 2.

I have really no idea what to do. I already have the extended one in blu ray. I want to watch as your guide recommended it but I am afraid there will be spoilers and I don't want that. Even if there are very little spoilers, I do not want to watch it after season 2, I don't want to be like "what happened to him", or "what did he come from"? etc...

Can someone who has watched it, please recommend me? especially you Johnny Walker as you seem an expert in this.

I really need help in this, I am already excited after watch episode 11, and will come soon to episode 17 and will have to make a decision and I don't know what to do.
Majority of people watched it after season 3 as it was aired like this, but some people like yourself, found out its a good idea to watch it after ep 17, well is it really? if you are watching this for the very first time?


Bradley Horwith said...

Thanks. Don't remember if I've ever commented here, but I used this lis to watch Battlestar Galactica. Of course Caprica should probably be viewed first on subsequent viewings, but I think for the first viewing it would kind of spoil Galactica.

BTW did you hear Bryan Singer wants to do a new film and it might be set in this universe?

Bradley Horwith said...

Suhail, Razor doesn't really spoil anything, but it kind of 'sets the stage' for season 4. I would definitely recommend watching it after episode 17 of Season 2, as it will actually just create more suspense. There are no spoilers though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great list! :)

Reallt helped me through BSG:)

And Suhail; Watch Razor after season 2. (Or towards the end of season 2)
Abselutely no spoilers.
Razor only evolves around season 1 & 2. That's what I did, and it was perfect! :)

So say we all.


Suhail said...

Thank you Shirah for replying. I was waiting for a reply and delaying to watch BSG. I have finished episode 17 of S2, where the author of this recommends to watch it after that.

You do say there are no spoilers, but before I got a reply, I dug in more about this info. The most accurate answer I got is that, there is a little bit of spoiler, especially about a character, my question is that, is there? is it noticeable? will it affect my great BSG series in anyway?

Another reason is cause Johnny Walker, the author in here, also said

"A lot of fans would argue that it's worth watching the end of Razor again at this point (specifically the scenes featuring the Hybrid), as this was where Razor was originally broadcast, and its ending sets the tone for Season 4."

so i was wondering. Should I watch half now? and half after season 3? no one asked that before, but I think its worth noticeable.

Thank you all,

Johnny Walker said...

Suhail, my guide is written with the new viewer in mind, and I have presented the episodes in the order in which I consider best for them.

I would personally not say there are any spoilers in Razor, however watching it where I suggest to may alter your experience. You could, in theory, watch until the end Hybrid scenes and turn it off until after Season 3, but that's tricky to tell you exactly when.

Considering how sensitive you appear to be, I wonder if you should continue with Seasons 2 and 3, as per the guide, and come back to Razor where it was first broadcast.

That way you are 100% guaranteed to not have any "spoilers" whatsoever.

If you do this, I would really appreciate you coming back and posting your opinions on the issue, when you've finished the series.

Bradley Horwith said...

There are no spoilers during Razor. However, there may be a couple things that might not make sense near the end. Watch them, but watch the ending scene again before season 4.

Suhail said...

Thank you Johnny Walker for your detailed reply, I was actually waiting for your reply.
Secondly, thank you Bradley Horwith for also replying.

I am really stuck in this edge. I didn't watch episode 18 yet, cause for the earlier comment I received, so initially decided to watch Razor first. But still haven't. Then I received your reply. So I am really thinking. The thing is, I am not that sensitive, but I try to pay real close attention on each episode. As I know there might be a little spoiler, I am the kind of guy who would then try to spot this spoilers, if not accidentally and they will be stuck to me till the end.

But thank you so much for your reply. I have the extended blu ray Razor version, 103 mins, and I will decide what to do. Whatever it is, I will give my feedback very accurately and detail fully if possible.

Just a very quick browse through the episode made me wonder "where this character came from" in the beginning, don't want to say more as not to spoil for others.

Thank you once again, if I decide to watch it after season 3, which hopefully will take me some time to finish it as I don't want to finish it so quickly, will let you know.

Thank you all...hell, I may even decide to watch 50 mins now, and 50 mins after season 3 :)

Unknown said...

So, I wanted also to throw in a couple of my own tweaks/suggestions...with my case they help anyone else out there as well:

1) Right off the bat, I decided to be unconventional and do a little experiment of my own...and I now recommend this experiment to everyone else! Those Razor Flashbacks, I decided to watch on their own and at the very, very beginning of the viewing order. Meaning, I watched it BEFORE even the Miniseries. And I have to worked surprisingly well! I reiterate - I'm NOT referring to Razor, the film, here... ONLY the Adama flashbacks edited together in the extras. This alteration to the viewing order is by no means a necessity, as you won't miss anything, of course, regardless. But for those who are as geeky as I am about watching things more or less in "chronological" order whenever possible in-universe...this was a nice little treat as a kind of "easter egg" intro for the main series itself, introducing us to a young Bill Adama right off, literally at the beginning of his fleet career...before we see him suddenly decades later as Commander in the Miniseries immediately to follow:-) It's a cool contrast.

2) This next suggestion is, again, purely based on taste and also kind of unconventional...but I'm throwing it out there anyway:-) Namely, I decided to move up "Final Cut" in the viewing order to just before "Scar". Honestly...there's no big reason I did this...expect that I had the feeling when I first tried to re-watch the show that the tone of "FC" just didn't feel right somehow where it was in the original broadcast/production order. And yet fortunately...the story was sort of detached enough from immediately surrounding episodes/events that I realized it could be comfortably moved up to a certain point without it actually causing any continuity problems. And honestly, I think it worked out well. But again...this was a personal hunch, basically, on my part...and if you do this also, just be SURE to watch "FC" BEFORE "Scar"! Because that is the latest point "FC" can appear in the viewing sequence without breaking continuity outright...

3) Finally (as a confirmation this time, not a tweak:-) I wanted to say that for Razor, the main film, I opted for the viewing order exactly as stated above in the original post. That is, directly following "The Captain's Hand", since this is indeed exactly where the main story occurs in chronological order. And, IMO, it works beautifully there! I agree with another poster who said that by the time the end of Season 3 rolled around, Pegasus and Crew were practically ancient history and just did not fit at all with the direction the story-arcs were taking once S3 had finished. Yes, there is some very, very vague and cryptic foreshadowing in Razor about some things that don't really start to make sense until much later...but that foreshadowing is slight enough that it doesn't at all distract from the primary story of the film...which IS all about Pegasus and events in S2:-) Make no mistake.

So, to recap, my "amended" and personalized viewing order would look something like this:

+Razor Flashbacks

...sequence same as above, up to...

Home I and II
Flight of the Phoenix

...sequence same as above, up to...

Black Market
+Final Cut

...sequence same as above...

"The Plan" is more problematic...but I'll leave my thoughts on that for another short post:-) In the meanwhile, that's all I got for now...and sorry for the long-windedness. But as you can tell...I absolutely love this show and am such a geek about it. I won't The backstory is just so's fun to think about this stuff.

Johnny Walker said...

Wow, thanks for the awesome comment! Plenty to think about there! I really like your suggestions, too. Definitely a viable option for those who want something different.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Johnny! I was very thankful to find the viewing order above when I first re-watched the series...because I knew beforehand there were a lot of extras involved what with the webisodes and films and such and this viewing order was by far the most helpful, accurate and logically organized one that I could find on the 'net:-)

As to "The Plan", I think I am going to try and watch that film this time around exactly where it begins in chronological order with respect to the I did with "Razor". Meaning, yes...I'm going to watch it immediately after the relevant scenes in "Lay Down Your Burdens, II", but before that final sequence at the end of the episode that essentially serves as an extended intro to S3:-) (yes...I'm that meticulous...heh)

However, again a note of caution to anyone else reading: the only reason I can do this with "The Plan" is because I've already seen everything and so I can't be spoiled...heh. So if you are brand new to the series, DO NOT watch the "The Plan" this early! I not.

Follow the viewing order as mentioned above, in that case, because the story of this film does completely give away extremely key points otherwise that are the backbone of S3 and 4 and about which you absolutely should not be spoiled before watching "No Exit":-)

Bradley Horwith said...

I agree Shepherd. I think on subsequent viewings, Caprica should be viewed first, followed by the Razor Flashbacks, and then the miniseries and main series. The Plan (ONLY on subsequent viewings) should be watched after (or during) Lay Down Your Burdens. You could even watch short sequences of "The Plan" where they happen chronologically, if you're that nerdy :P

I have to ask though, what makes "Final Cut" fit better before "Scar" to you? I am just wondering. It's been a few months since I watched the series so maybe you are onto something. does it have something to do with Deanna?

Unknown said...

Cool - I'm glad to know I am indeed not the only one who had such thoughts while re-watching the series! Thanks Bradley:-)

As to your question...upon further reflection, I guess I would boil my reasons for that alteration down to the following points:

1) I think I felt, after coming off of the heavily serialized and especially tumultuous series of episodes which ended S1 and began S2, that "Final Cut" was just quite a bit more...annoyingly anti-climactic...than I felt like I really needed at that point in I mean, the episode itself of course was great! I only mean that, suddenly...after all the big, momentous events that had just come before at breakneck pace for episodes on end...we have this weirdly "standalone" episode that felt upon re-watching far too abruptly disconnected from all the other major events surrounding this story for it to be placed where it was originally. And this, then, is what got me thinking of moving it around myself in the viewing order...

2) ...which is where you were also on the right track mentioning Deanna:-) There are two plot points, in fact, highlighted in "FC" that are only picked up much later on in the season. One of those plot points is about Kat (the rookie Viper pilot), and the point I'm referencing is not picked up again or mentioned in the slightest until a number of episodes down the line, in "Scar". The other plot point, however, is indeed...Deanna...who isn't followed up on until we've practically reached the end of the entire season, quite a ways down the line from "FC"'s original broadcast placement. See what I mean?

So with all those impressions put together and since I noticed that there wasn't any continuity that would conflict with doing so, I thought "why not just move FC up closer to the episodes that it's more connected to in the first place and see what happens...!", and I think I'm glad I did. "Flight of the Phoenix" as it turns out is a much, much better follow-up than "Final Cut" to the first extended story-arc of the season (IMO)...whereas "FC" has a lot more resonance I think later on in the progression...

Bradley Horwith said...

I see. So Final Cut is kind of an interrupted story arc ending with Scar, and it simultaneously interrupts a story arc that was already happening.

Unknown said...

That's basically it, I think, Bradley. In other words, a couple points in "FC" pay off much later in the season anyway...most especially in the case of Deanna. And moreover, in the original placement it felt like "FC" was just interrupting the flow too much of other story or character arcs already in you said. Of course, this is just me - clearly others might not have had such a reaction...heh...or thought about it much. But I wondered.

And Johnny, I see you amended your guide to highlight Razor even more in Season 2:-) I definitely agree this is the best placement. But the more I think on it, the more I would definitely also recommend at least mentioning the Flashbacks before the Miniseries in your guide...if not moving them outright. There really is a surprising amount of tie-in between those two segments of the series - in some details and dialogue and such - that you just wouldn't ever notice if the Flashbacks weren't fresh in your mind immediately before seeing the Miniseries. Each just fits/overlaps with the other quite nicely.

Of course, perhaps my perspective is rather different from a brand new viewer' I don't know if viewing the Flashbacks before the Miniseries might be a little jarring for someone coming in completely fresh. But I guess for this reason there could be a note in your guide that the Flashbacks, in this placement, really are still more a "teaser" than anything else and the Miniseries is the real, full-fledged intro to the series...heh. However, otherwise...there is absolutely nothing spoilery in those Flashbacks for new viewers to prevent them from watching them first...

Bradley Horwith said...

Interesting. I wonder if it was supposed to originally fit where you put it canonically. Maybe the airdates got shuffled around by the studios.

Bradley Horwith said...

I also want to mention that n subsequent viewings, Caprica should DEFINITELY be watched before BSG, but never on the first viewing.

Unknown said...

Ok, now I'm curious, Bradley:-) Why do you suggest watching Caprica only on subsequent viewings? I mean, I've seen all of Caprica as well, so I'm trying to imagine what could be "spoilery" for new viewers of BSG...and I'm drawing a blank.

It's certainly not by any means necessary to watch before BSG, I agree...especially since the two series are such different animals to begin with. Caprica could just as well be watched after and not much would be missed/lost, I think. But why do you say NEVER before the first viewing of BSG? Is there something in Caprica I'm forgetting that ruins a surprise or two in BSG...?

(and I know...I'm being very careful not to put spoilers in this thread, I swear!)

Bradley Horwith said...

I don't know, but it just seems to fit right to watch after Battlester Galactica before. It doesn't have too many spoilers, but it just seems like it would work better, to have seen BSG before Caprica.

Then again, I watched Enterprise before Star Trek TOS.

Unknown said...

thanks so much Johnny, this is EXACTLY what I needed!!

Suhail said...

I decided to watch Razor after the end of S3, after changing my mind continuously to the very last moment.

Now a few episodes up in Season 3, I already understand why it is recommended to watch "Razor" straight after season 2 episode 17 and not even till the end of the season 2. I am already regretting it, though i do not want to spoil the series by telling why for some newcomers, i am sure people who already watch know why... I just hope there is something by the end of season 3 that will change my mind :P Well at least I get to watch an extra 100 mins of BSG at the end which I would already have if I did at the end of S2.

Thank you for the new comments, by The Shepherd, I will definitely make a note when I re-watch the series in a few years after Caprica is ended and after I forget what happens and happened :)

Thank you and once again, a great guide, will follow the rest till the end, :)

Unknown said...

Oh, not a problem, Suhail:-) I'm just happy someone like Johnny actually took some time to put all this down in the first place and provide a forum for us to discuss it.

Regarding Razor, at least it's not like your missing anything vital waiting until the end of S3, so no worries there! But just as a recap on all the stuff I posted before and in case you remember this blog before re-watching everything later on, here is my complete, preferred (though slightly altered from above) viewing order ESPECIALLY intended for re-watching and in more or less chronological order the whole way through:

Caprica - entire series (as Bradley also suggested)

Razor Flashbacks - the uncut and edited together sequence that are in the extras of the Razor DVDs (as Bradley also agreed with)

And then the main event, BSG -
The Miniseries
Season 1 (original/recommended viewing order, as above)
Season 2, but in the following order -
2.01 Scattered
2.02 Valley of Darkness
2.03 Fragged
2.04 Resistance
2.05 The Farm
2.06 Home, Part I
2.07 Home, Part II
2.08 Final Cut
2.09 Flight of the Phoenix
2.10 Pegasus (56 minute extended version)
2.11 Resurrection Ship, Part I
2.12 Resurrection Ship, Part II
2.13 Epiphanies
2.14 Black Market
2.15 Scar
2.16 Sacrifice
2.17 The Captain's Hand

Razor (main film - not necessary to watch the flashbacks in the extras again)

2.18 Downloaded
2.19 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I
2.20 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

The Plan (though as everyone has already noted, this suggestion is ONLY valid for re-watching - not the first viewing.)

Season 3 and after - original/recommended viewing order, as above

I would still also recommend moving "Final Cut" to just before "Scar" in the Season 2 viewing order, to be honest. But that's probably the least important and most subjective/personal of all suggestions...heh. So that aside, the tweaked episode/film/webisode sequence above I think gives us the absolute best possible view (for now) of the entire BSG universe, backstory and least until we get another movie or series of webisodes out of the deal set in this universe;-)

And yes, I heartily recommend watching all this a 2nd or even 3rd time once your finished with this first viewing. I'm on my 2nd and it's still quite the thrill ride, all around. Have fun!

Suhail said...

Thank you Nicholas! Your comment made me feel better, I was like "I should have just followed this guide without asking anything to change my mind", hopefully after watching Razor at the end of S3, i will feel a bit better. I am just taking my time watching BSG as I enjoy this greatly, trying not to watch 2 episodes per day and not on weekends :)....I will comment after I watch Razor nevertheless.

You are "The Shepherd" right? I was confuse first cause your name was different this time, possibly your nickname.

I will hopefully watch BSG again but want to make sure I do not remember much, cause I usually do not watch the same thing twice, have never watched any Series twice.

I will come back to this as far this blog stays and not get deleted for years to come. Do not know now or if it could happen, but a sequel to BSG would be cool in the future :)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah...sorry. You are right, I was "The Shepherd", I swear:-) But I just recently linked up my Blogger and Google+ profiles and didn't notice that my old screen name had disappeared. That's why.

Anonymous said...

First I would like to say that I am new to BSG and Caprica.

I was turned on to the show because of Caprica. I had no idea that both of the shows were tied together because I never watched the original shows. I am still on my first viewing and halfway through Season 1 of BSG.

After looking at the recommended viewing order I noticed something that could possibly be missing and I am not sure if it should or should not be there. I couldn’t find any clarification so I figured you would know.

On Netflix, there is Battlestar Galactica:Caprica (2009) which is a 93 minute movie, and there is Caprica(2009) the series. Should the movie be watched before the series or at the end?

Thanks for your work putting this together for new fans. I am one of them and this definitely helps out.


Johnny Walker said...

The pilot episode for Caprica was released on DVD prior to the show being made and broadcast. This is just the same pilot episode.

Sembazuru said...

Thank you for posting this. (I found it via TekZilla.) I have the main post printed out and keep it in the lid to my BSG box set. Following it as I watch through the series for the first time past Season 1. Even got the wife hooked. (Have to admit, it wasn't hard getting her hooked, I also did that to her with B5...)

Suhail said...

I even forgot to leave a comment for razor, i finally watched it, and am in the middle of season 4 already.

I think it is advisable to watch as the author johnny walker and others recommend in here, towards the end of season 2, almost no spoilers as it talks specifically about a character in Pegasus crew. I would although recommend stopping the movie razor 10-15 minutes or even 5 minutes before it ends, as I believe it gives away something in ending, and I believe this should be watched at the end of season 3.

Great guide again :)

Chris said...

There is a Caprica Movie along with the show. You didn't mention the movie in your list. Just curious where this fit in or if it should.

Bradley Horwith said...

The Caprica movie is just the pilot for the show. All they did for the aired version is remove some a nude shot at the beginning and slightly alter one line. With regards to the line that was altered, I think it would be preferable to watch the aired version. The whole series is availabe in HD on Netflix.

Johnny Walker said...

Thanks for replying suhail! It would be good to know exactly where you think would be a satisfying point to end Razor for first-time viewers.

otisbright said...

as a new fan of the series i want to thank you for this list, as i will be watching them all on DVD the first time through this chronological list really helps regarding order placement of 'the plan' and 'razor'. the question that i have is are all the webisodes included on the DVD editions? from reading product descriptions (i have to purchase seasons 3,4, & 4.5 to round out my collection) i know that 'the resistance' webisodes are included in the sesason 3 box set. as i am waiting on the mail for 'razor' i don't know if the 'razor flashbacks' webisodes 1,2, & 7 are part of the deleted scenes that amazon lists on the product description. also what about 'the face of the enemy' webisodes that wikipedia lists? are these included on perhaps the season 4 or 4.5 boxed set? and where do they best fit into your chronology? any help here would be hot, thanks a plenty!

otisbright said...

ok after further perusal of your episode guide i answered most of my questions, and feel like a bit of an ass for not looking more closely in the first place. however my question regarding the 'razor' DVD is still unanswered. again thanks.

Johnny Walker said...

Hi otisbright, thanks for your comment. The deleted scenes on your soon-to-arrive DVD are the same deleted scenes mentioned above as Razor Flashbacks. There are no other deleted scenes for Razor.

As for Face of the Enemy, all your questions are already answered above (maybe you haven't spotted them?).

The Big Unit said...

Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for the site and comments. I can't believe there's still a site where people are activly talking about BSG! If you can believe it, I still haven't watched the last 3 episodes. I don't want it to end. Kind of like what Bill Adama said about him not wanting to finish his book (Searider Falcon) because he didn't want it to end. I get freaked out every time I hear him say that. I just keep re-watching it and listening to the 4 big podcasts. I'm waiting to get together with my brother(s) to watch the final episodes, but we're having a tough time hooking up. We're planning to finish it off this February when my wife and daughter are out of town. Am I crazy? I'd say so. I've been thru the first 4 seasons 4-5 times now. I'm giving it a break til Feb when we finish. Now my other brother is getting into it, so I've got to wait for him to catch up. Thanks for the great site!

amanda said...

This is a really great guide. A friend suggested I check out BSG and I was definitely wrong in assuming I would hate it. I'm obsessed and was wondering if I should watch it all in a certain order. Thanks so much for your work in putting this together so we can all follow the story. : )


@Mardigraz718 said...

This really is a well thought out, well explained and thorough guide. I have watched episodes in syndication on Sci-fi/Syfy as they aired randomly & got interested in the series but never watched it in it's entirety. I've even watched several episodes of Caprica when they originally aired but never caught the entire season. I own the first season, The Plan, Caprica DVD, which I'm not even sure what it is now....thought it was another offshoot movie, apparently it's just an extended pilot. I attempted to watch the original '78 series but it's hard to find reliable streams so I gave up and started the new series.I'm up to "Water" now. Thank you for this. I will keep it bookmarked.

fretmeister said...

You may want to try out Netflix. I just signed up for it last week and am very, very impressed. They have ALL episodes of the original BSG ('78) as well as every show from the new version. They even have all of Caprica. For $7.99, I can watch streaming video on all my PCs, my iPod and my daughter's iPhone and my big screen TV. No messing with DVDs. Just a thought...

Susan Isaacs said...

I'm not a sci-fi fan, but I watched the first two episodes of BSG and got hooked. My husband and I just finished the entire series on netflix streaming. We loved it. Now we are in withdrawals. I agree with you, better to see Razor after Season 2. It makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Nice one dude ! Thanks a lot !

So say we all !

Anonymous said...

Just finished episdoe 9 in season 4 and wanted a definitive place to watch the Plan. This helps. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the awesome guide! I'm following it exactly and almost done with the series. Not including the original two part that introduces the series and The Plan, everything else is on Hulu. Razor is presented as the first two episodes of season four (but does fit better where the guide placed it because Pegasus does in fact seem like old news by this point). If anyone reading this watches on Hulu, don't forget Razor is presented as the first two episodes of 4 so the episode numbers are off by 2 in this guide.

Andrew the Sinner said...

thanks so much for this post! really helps someone discovering the BSG universe. thanks for the no spoilers too.

Susie said...

Thank you so much for this list! It helped so much!
I don't know if you mentioned this in an old post, but I was able to find all 10 webisodes of "Face of the Enemy" at
They only have a few of "The Resistance" webisodes, but I had no problem finding the rest on youtube.

Thank you again! You're frakkin awesome!

Anonymous said...

Face of the Enemy was also available on iTunes for free for a while; it's probably not free now, but still likely available.

Dan said...

Thanks for the guide but the only thing I found a little strange was the fact that watching Razor at the point u suggest gives away a few things right at the start. for example the fact that SPOILERS REMOVED. I watched Razor where you suggested and found that stuff at the start to be annoying spoilers

Johnny Walker said...

Dan, it's clear that you accidentally watched RAZOR in the wrong spot. You're supposed to watch it AFTER "The Captain's Hand".

InscrutableTed said...

The Caprica movie was released on DVD a year before the Caprica series aired on TV.

The pilot episode of the series is a repeat of the movie, except the nudity was removed, the visual effects were updated (to match the look of the series), and a couple scenes were re-shot.

I'd skip the Caprica movie and just watch the Caprica series, unless you're really attached to seeing some boobies.

Johnny Walker said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Ted!

Anonymous said...

As a first time watcher and knowing NOTHING about the series, this list was PERFECT. To be clear, there are NO significant spoilers from watching the series in this order. It will make the series so much richer to watch it this way, as opposed to how it was aired. Thanks for the list.

Johnny Walker said...

You're very welcome!

Ian Walker said...

I'm probably extremley rare as someone who watched ALL of Caprica before ANY of BSG. The reason was that being an old-time Bab 5 fan, I knew that these things had to be watched from beginning to end, so I was waiting until I could get the BSG discs, and in the meantime Caprica came on the TV, so I watched it all.

Anyway, I'm now just starting Season 4 following your fantastic order; really well done.

Watching Caprica first hasn't spoiled any of BSG for me, other than revealing the source of the Cylon's religious beliefs, which doesn't really 'spoil' BSG so much as enlighten it!

Joop said...

Just want to say thanks for putting this on the web. Helped me a lot to make sense of all the content.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the insight! i have started watching the series in this order!

Futurefirst said...

Thanks for the guide.
First time viewer here and the only let down is the way they tied everything together in S3 and 4. Almost as if they were tired of writing new stuff and just wanted it to be over already.
Any ideas if there are plans for a continuation?

Thor said...

Thanks for the guide man, have watched the 4 seasons before but without all the movies and webisodes, gonna kick back now and let your guide do all the work for me! Thanks for making the effort!

Andre said...

Thanks for the great guide! I watched the series in this order and I think it's right on; it was a big help.

It would be cool if they made a special cut of the miniseries that incorporated footage from the first part of The Plan. The footage is all there to make a breathtaking touched up miniseries that would be a great way to kick it all off.

Aianv said...

New to BSG and will be following this, thanks so much!
Hope I mange to find all of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

Watching BSG again on Blu Ray this time. First time with my son, he's loving it! You have done a super job with this, thank you! I have printed it off and given it with my DVD box to friends to watch. We are at 4.07 and struggle to go to bed....

Cheers Mark.

Jillian Sydney said...

Is there a website/blog that is currently active where I can discuss a few thoughts about the series? I just finished the series in late 2011 and have no one to discuss it with. I'm semi-desperate to exchange some ideas about the series and the finale. Anyone know of a site? I don't want to post anything here because this is a no-spoiler zone and I am very mindful about not posting spoilers. Thanks so much..

Jillian Sydney said...

I am interested in buying the series on blu-ray. I've read multiple reviews on amazon saying that the black boxed blu-ray set with a collectible cylon is poorly packaged and that the gray boxed blu-ray set is packaged better. However, I'm wondering if I should just buy seasons 1-4 individually on blu-ray. I can get them on Amazon for around $100. I think it includes Razor but not The Plan, but I still haven't seen The Plan anyway, so I'm not that concerned about that. I know there was a lot of confusion about season 4.0 and season 4.5. It seems like the blu-ray season 4 now includes all season 4 episodes and I shouldn't have to worry about season 4.5. Can anyone confirm this? If I buy these DVD's, will I have the entire series, not including the webisodes available on Hulu and not including The Plan?

Season 1 on blu-ray:

Season 2 on blu-ray:

Season 3 on blu-ray:

Season 4 on blu-ray:

This is the gray boxed blu-ray set. It's $180, which is almost twice as much as I'd pay to buy the seasons individually. Does anyone have either the individual seasons or a boxed set? Any advice would be much appreciated. When I originally watched the show, I watched it on netflix on my laptop, so I want to really enjoy the show on my big-screen tv in surround sound now.

Thanks so much.

Johnny Walker said...

Hi Jillian. A good place to discuss TV shows is the Home Theater Forum. I'd search for the Battlestar Galactica thread before starting a new one, though.

Aside from that there's probably communities around BSG that I'm unaware of. Sorry!

Good luck!

Jillian Sydney said...

Sorry. I meant to include this link to the gray boxed blu-ray edition of the BSG series.

Anyone have any suggestions about what I should buy?


Jillian Sydney said...

Thanks, Johnny. I'll check that forum out. I really appreciate it.

Johnny Walker said...

Jillian, lots of people make the point in the Season 4 link that the Bluray contains: 4.0, 4.5, and Razor. For example: "The added bonus of this purchase is that it's the entire last season, no need to purchase season 4.5, and includes Galactica Razor. Good value for the money."

Anonymous said...

So Razor Extend in between S2..
Thank You !

Unknown said...

I wanted to let you know we've been using your viewing order to watch Battlestar for the first time. I would like to offer a few amendments that may be useful to future viewers. You may want to actually put this in the body of the original text, as many will not scroll down to read through all the comment.
We have not finished the series yet, but these are my observations so far.
As to the film Razor, there was much debate as when to watch this, but finally we went with the way it was packaged (we bought the entire series DVD set). It is placed after season 3, it's original air date, and I would say that is the best place to watch it, there actually are a few spoilers if you watch it beforehand about what is to come in season 3, and given the ending, it would alter how you view that season as well.
As to the webisodes from season 2,"The Resistance", they are in fact on the DVD set, but for whatever reason they are on disc 2 in the bonus features, so you may want to note that, so viewers know where to look and find them.
The extended episode "A disquiet follows my soul" is available on the DVD version, but it's on the second screen of the menu, so you may not see it (what happened to us) until after watching the original air version.
Hope this helps future viewers.

Sylvina Solaris said...

Just a gamble, I doubt anyone will see this anytime soon, but...

Anybody got any leads on locations for somebody who DOESN'T own this on DVD and is using Netflix to see the deleted scenes? Will I just have to rely on reading descriptions of scenes on the Wiki?

Sylvina Solaris said...

I'm watching this on Netflix. Anybody got any suggestions of where I can watch the deleted scenes? It looks like a VERY small handful are on YouTube, and I've found a few torrents that offer the deleted scenes, but I'm mostly coming up with zilch.

Bradley Horwith said...

I doubt there is a legal way to view them, and even with pirated torrents, its rare to see one that includes deleted scenes. You could try searching on YouTube though.
I personally watched most of the series on Netflix, and didn't watch the deleted scenes.

Unknown said...

If you get Netflix through the mail, then you can access the delated scenes on those discs. Although if you're going to spend the money renting them, you may as well buy them. The delated scenes are worth it, especially the webisodes.

Unknown said...

Best guide on the internet, Just finished the series and am just in awe! Thanks for the list

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for list!

Iridescent Truths said...

Thanks so much for this. Originally watched the mini-series and most of season 1 but lost track of it, started watching all of it now and luckily just baout to watch The Captain's Hand so will stick on Razor when it's over, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I like many on here, have not seen any of the BSG shows, and having just starting to look into it am now wondering where to begin.

Thanks for the list, I was just wondering is it beneficial to watch that old movie from the 70's? I rented it at the store thinking it was modern and it's NOT. I'd like things to make the most sense but don't really like movies THAT old.

Thanks, Kelly

Bradley Horwith said...

The old 70s show is not canonical to the new show. The new show is a reboot, so you have nothing to worry about. I myself have never seen the original BSG, although its not because of its age.

Anonymous said...

I'm just about to start s2:e14 (black market), as a first timer I was just gonna watch in order of broadcast...but now I know I'm 3 episodes away from Razor.
Is there a time near the end of Razor that I should cliff hang until later (ie between s3 & s4)?

Unknown said...

I would watch "Razor" in the original air date, after season 3. We did it that way, and had we watched it after season 2, there would have been a ton of spoilers for the 3rd season, as well as completely changing how we viewed that season.

Jorr Trystt said...

I just wanted to deeply thank you for taking the time to post this viewing order and responding so deliberately to all the big Battlestar Galactica fans out there.

Your list really helped me enjoy BSG the first time I watched it thru -- and I will absolutely echo your suggestion to watch "The Plan" after "No Exit," as it feels vastly better to end the series with the last scene of "Daybreak."

Anonymous said...

I have Season 1 and 4 incl. 4.5 and razor. And I have the blu ray Razor and The plan. What do I have to get now as well?
I am reading about caprica. I can see on amazaon a like movie CAPRICA and then Caprica Seaon 1.0 and Caprica Season 1.5
I cannot see what is now what. Is the blu ray Caprica the whole Caprica season or not? And what is Caprica 1.0 and 1.5
Please let me know as I would like to get the whole seasons together :-) Currently watching Season 3.
Thanks a lot

Johnny Walker said...

A "ton" of spoilers? Please tell me what would have been spoiled, Amy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I really waited too long to watch this for the first time. When I looked on Netflix and saw all the stuff there I kinda felt hopeless as to where to start or where everything fit in. This list is fantastic. And no spoilers. Awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to find the webisodes, but I have a feeling I won't be missing to much. Thanks!

Bradley Horwith said...
Here is the Resistance.
Here is Face of the Enemy.

Anonymous said...

Whoa ... Thanks a lot for the links to those webisodes!

Bradley Horwith said...

It was no problem.

Unknown said...

legend,exactly what i was looking for.....thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very, very greatful for your help johnny, as for jimi, i realise that you didn't do it on purpose but you have included a "slight" spoiler within your comments, referring to BSG "The Plan". I would rather not have known about the latter stages.

Anywho, thanks again johnny,

Mr B.

Johnny Walker said...

Mr B, there is no spoiler in Jimi's comments. You've misunderstood what he meant.

Anonymous said...

OK......I'm thinking of getting into this and want to watch everything in order. Per the recommendation I'd like to start with Caprica. There is the series that only list episodes through "End of the Line". There is also just a movie 'caprica" which apparently covers what the whole series does. Could I get by with just the movie?

Anonymous said...

OK......I'm thinking of getting into this and want to watch everything in order. Per the recommendation I'd like to start with Caprica. There is the series that only list episodes through "End of the Line". There is also just a movie 'caprica" which apparently covers what the whole series does. Could I get by with just the movie?

Heath said...
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Johnny Walker said...
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Johnny Walker said...

Ok, I've made a few changes now. Thanks for your help, Heath!

Heath said...

Sweet. I think the guide is sufficiently vague about the Pegasus.
This is definitely the best viewing order available. Perhaps you should consider donating it to the Battlestar Wiki. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just followed your post to rewatch for the first time since original airing, it was invaluable and I'm very grateful.

One tiny update: in season 4/4.5, you note the extended episode versions, but state they're "only on Blu-ray." I have the grey-Complete-DVD-with-teeny-Cylon version - and the extended versions of this episodes ARE included. It's worth noting because there ARE no DVD content listings and its easy to overlook that the extended episodes are there.

Thanks again for your hard work. Made for an amazing viewing.

Anonymous said...

I love this post and i keep it on my favorites just for one day to review the all series.

Just letting you know about the new Blood and Chrome webseries.

Here's the link:

Mara said...

I just want to thank you so much for posting this and frequently updating it for an improved viewing experience. I just finished the main series and I will be (hopefully) enjoying Caprica soon too. I'm sorry if I've commented before, I think I might have, but since I can't find it there's no harm in sending more thanks.

Unknown said...

Sometimes, in life, you miss an opportunity where you were half an inch away from realising it was right in front of you.

I started watching Battlestar recently (late 2012), but did not Google the order, I did not consult a fan base. I took a friend's advice in good stead and managed to slot Razor in just after Captain's Hand, though he did not go so far as to recommend The Plan after No Exit, nor the extended versions of anything.

Though I suspect it was more under my control as to what I sourced, the opportunity I missed out on was finding your post before I started.

A number of other friends berated BSG, laughed at me, mocked my intent to watch the series... it really wasn't looking review-positive. But I started (granted not exactly following the agreed order) and I've rested on s4e20's opening scene before seeing if this was really the end of the series.

Thank you, Johnny Walker.

Unknown said...
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Johnny Walker said...
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Anonymous said...
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Johnny Walker said...

Oops. I accidentally deleted a bunch of comments and now I can't get them back. Sorry!

Bradley Horwith said...

Anonymous, the Caprica movie is just an earlier version of the pilot of the series. For the TV version, some effects were updated, a couple lines of dialog were changed in order to make more sense, and some brief nudity was removed.
In any case, you will not have to watch Caprica to understand BSG, but the pilot of Caprica does not cover the rest of the series.
If you have never seen either, my recommendation would be to watch BSG first, and watch Caprica (starting with the TV version of the pilot) after. On subsequent viewings, watch Caprica first.

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