Friday 26 January 2007

Big Brother not 'Big Daddy'


Already Big Brother is suffering from the insane media generated by Jade Goody's bullying antics. Twice BB has stepped in in the most ridiculous manner possible in order to help grown adults sort out their minor disagreements. When Dirk Benedict felt annoyed at Cleo for harassing him with one of her 'zany' alter-egos, despite him telling her repeatedly that he wasn't interested, BB was obliged to offer to talk to Cleo for him... What the hell is going on? Is Big Brother now a father figure that house members can go running to for minor concerns?

"Big Daddy, Cleo wouldn't get off me when I told her to! Make her stop!" *wah!*

"Now, now, you two. Play nice!"

It's not BB's fault that the people in the house this year are completely spineless and unable to
confront each other in any way.

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