Wednesday 14 November 2012

The "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Story Conference Tapes [ebook edition]

When the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Story Conference transcriptions appeared on the internet in 2009, I was absolutely overjoyed. To be given the opportunity to see inside the writing process of one of the most iconic movies from my childhood was a wondrous thing. The only downside was that it was only available in PDF format, and a lot of e-readers, like mobile phones and Kindles aren't great when it comes to PDFs.

That's why I decided to put it in an e-book format for easy reading!

I've created two versions:
ePub - for iPhones, iPads and other e-readers that can handle the ePub format
Mobi - for Kindle users

Latest version 1.2 - Fixed a (another) ton of typos! (Should be pretty solid now.)

epub mobi

Simply take your pick!