Tuesday 17 February 2015

Becoming a billionaire in Grand Theft Auto V using BAWSAQ stock market!

I'm super pleased to announce that my latest pet-project has gone live; It's a simple website designed to help players of Grand Theft Auto V become billionaires using the ingame BAWSAQ stock market (it's fun, you know). It began as a project to re-sharpen my coding skills after an extended break and turned into a bit of a labour of love.

It's still early days, but I've designed it to be as simple as possible, and hopefully it will be very useful to players of Grand Theft Auto! New features will continue to be added, too.

Visit the site: http://www.gta-bawsaq-billionaire.com

Let me know your thoughts and feedback if you use it!

UPDATE: The API has broken, so the site no longer functions as it should :(


Anonymous said...

Love your gta bawsaq site,one thing though ,could you put a timestamp of when you update it?

Johnny Walker said...


It's updated every 15 minutes, but I'll consider putting a timestamp on it. The BAWSAQ is weird in that sometimes the different versions of it are out of sync, so different sites will sometimes display different figures (even official Rockstar sites) for a couple of hours. There shouldn't be TOO much of a difference, however, and they all eventually sync up again.

Let me know if you think of any more ideas you'd like to see. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Bawsaq site. I would really like a time stamp
On the quotes. (If you already have it and I was just so careless as to miss it I apologize.) Even though we know The quotes occur at 15 minute intervals there are times when Bawsaq has been down and a time stam might help us to know whether or not this has transpired. Another idea would be a bawsaq server status report that would tell us whether bawsaq is up or down. I don't know if that's possible to do, but if it is it would be a really great feature. Even if you know a link to a page that has bawsaq server health status information, and post it would be helpful. Thanks again.

Johnny Walker said...

Unfortunately neither of those two things is possible at present, I'm afraid. It's just not how things work (although it may seem simple from the outside).

There are detailed timestamps on all the prices on all the graphs -- but the price you see is the current price, whether the BAWSAQ is down or not (ie. while the BAWSAQ is down prices are "frozen").


Remy said...

Hey, I've been using your site as well as [http://bawsaq.hviidnet.com/Home] BAWSAQ Alerts to tracks trends and timestamp my purchases. This site is a big help, along with that one. Using these two sites, I've turned 7 Million into 83 Million in a day. Looking forward to continued stock micro-management.