Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Story Conference Tapes [ebook edition]

When the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Story Conference transcriptions appeared on the internet in 2009, I was absolutely overjoyed. To be given the opportunity to see inside the writing process of one of the most iconic movies from my childhood was a wondrous thing. The only downside was that it was only available in PDF format, and a lot of e-readers, like mobile phones and Kindles aren't great when it comes to PDFs.

That's why I decided to put it in an e-book format for easy reading!

I've created two versions:
ePub - for iPhones, iPads and other e-readers that can handle the ePub format
Mobi - for Kindle users

Latest version 1.2 - Fixed a (another) ton of typos! (Should be pretty solid now.)

epub mobi

Simply take your pick!


Robbie McNamara said...

Thanks for making the corrections! Love that transcript. It's actually the inspiration for my upcoming web series, 'The Raiders Sessions':

Johnny Walker said...

Good luck with that. It looks really fun!


I never did enjoy PDFs.

Johnny Walker said...

Yeah, they can be a real pain!

Unknown said...

This is excellent -- thank you!