Sunday 21 October 2007

Cool new website...

This just a tiny post to say that there's a rather good new site here:

You test your vocabulary skills and learn while you're at it. It is fun, honestly. Your enjoyment also has the side-effect of donating rice to poor countries, too (just go and have a look, will you).

I managed to score at my best, 41, and, at my worst, 30. How about you?

Also, hot on the trails of Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day, is May 25th's Towel Day, in memory of Douglas Adams (although Towel Day actually came long before, but that's time travel for you).


a said...

Hi, found your link to this on Why that's Delightful, I just wondered is there an end (an end to the giving and learning!!) I've hit highs of 49, and been reduced to an average of about 45 and I've given so much 'rice' that I have to stop. Really nice idea, I remember the hunger page from waaay back when.

Johnny Walker said...

I don't think it ever ends (maybe until everyone is full? :). You did really well on the word scores! It's very like the Hunger Site website, and I think it may be done by the same people. Not sure.