Tuesday 29 May 2007

My graphics tablet arrived today...!

Yes! My Wacom Intuos 3 arrived a few hours ago. (Happy birthday to me!) This is the first drawing I've ever done with any sort of graphics tablet, completed just a few minutes ago. It's not great, in fact it's pretty lame, but it was damn fun! Can't believe I didn't invest in one sooner!

(Apologies for the lameness of this post... Just pretty excited! I have one useful thing to add: If you're thinking about buying a graphics tablet, don't worry about the size like I did, it turns out that A5 is absolutely perfect!)

In other news, Wrestlevania has written a response to my post about Peter Molyneux and 'emotional' gaming in his blog, and gives some interesting examples of how such a system might possibly work in a game like Fable. (Go give it a read for goodness sakes!)

I have to say that I'm really surprised and very happy at how my post has sparked a lot of interest and debate; thanks to everyone on the various forums I've posted it on who has commented in some way!

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Bamblesquatch said...

That tablet looks like a nice piece of kit, and your first sketch certainly suggests as much.

A friend and I have been pouring over the fairly recent phenomenon of "digital matte" a lot lately. Having browsed through many stunning examples of this kind of work, from artists such as Craig Mullins and Mathias Verhasselt, we've both come to the same conclusion: investing in a decent tablet is essential.

Thanks also for the linkage. I've discussed the ideas outlined in my initial post some more with others, and a number of deeper topics and design ideas have floated up to the surface as a result. Therefore I'm planning to dig deeper into this topic and try to work out some of the less-salient points, through a series of articles on my blog. I'm also planning to explore a wider range of game design topics in the future, too.

So thanks for providing the catalyst.