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Planescape: Torment - Best Mods Guide

Update: April 2017

Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition has been announced and will be released shortly. Current indications seem to be that this edition will be the new definitive version, having been personally approved by Chris Avellone and even including many of the fan-made tweaks below. Fingers crossed!

You can read more about it here:

I've pre-ordered my copy. Let's see!

Edit: Yep, it's great. Just play Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition and skip the pain below.

This is the ultimate guide to Planescape: Torment mods; Including increasing the game resolution, playing in widescreen, installing the best mods, fixing bugs, re-adding deleted missions, and running on modern operating systems like Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista.This is a complete step-by-step guide to installing, patching and improving Planescape: Torment. It will allow you to play the game in widescreen (in any resolution you like), fix hundreds of bugs, re-add deleted missions that were cut due to time constraints, and much more.

In short: This is how Planescape: Torment SHOULD be played.

All of these wonderful things are possible thanks to the hard work of the following Planescape: Torment fans: Qwinn, scient, GhostDog, Valerio Bigiani (the bigg) and Aqrit. I've also used additional help constructing this guide from Jake, Air, Jeff Vader and others. Thanks a lot!

If you have any problems using this guide, there is now a TROUBLESHOOTING section at the end.

Planescape: Torment was recently made available on the excellent Good Old Games website (aka I'm pleased to announce that this guide is fully compatible with that version of the game, simply skip the first two steps and go straight to Step 3a. Enjoy!

Please note: It is highly recommended that you install these mods when you're starting a new game. If you're in the middle of an existing game, there can be unpredictable problems with your existing saves.

Note: The order in which you do the following steps IS important, so don't skip one unless it's 'optional' or 'recommended'.

Step 1: Install the Game (Required - of course)
You should have no problems using the normal installer, but it will only install the files found on Disc 1 (and then possibly force you to sit through an Icewind Dale trailer - arg).

It is highly recommended that you should NOT install the game to your C:\Program Files\ directory. That directory is a special directory and is locked by Windows to make it impossible for other files to alter what is installed there (for security reasons), which means it will potentially cause you a few problems later when you try to save games or install mods. To make life easier on yourself, just install the game to a different directory (eg. C:\Games\) or a different drive (eg. D:\).

Side note: Do NOT disable UAC in Windows -- This is akin to using a battleaxe to slice an apple!

UAC makes sure that applications do not have Administrator access on your system, while still giving YOU Administrator access when you need it. Disabling it for the sake of a game is very stupid. Don't do it!

Don't worry about doing a full-install now though, we'll get to that later in Step 2.

Step 1a: Install the official patch (Required - Only on the 4 disc or 1 disc versions!)
Note: If your copy of Planescape: Torment came on 2 discs then SKIP this step! (The patch is already pre-installed on the 2 disc version, and installing again it will cause problems within the game.)

How to install: If you're running the 4 CD or 1 DVD version then just download the official patch (trmt11.exe) and run the executable (it will automatically know where you've installed the game). This will bring Planescape: Torment up to version 1.1.

Step 1b: Install language packs (Optional)
Install the language packs you want (if any).

Before moving on, try running Planescape: Torment and ensuring that it loads correctly. If it doesn't, then you need to redo the steps above before applying the patches below.

Ok, that's the basics done. Now let's take full advantage of your modern machine, and improve the loading speed and the graphics quality...

Step 2: Improve loading times on faster machines (Required)
Note: The step is necessary before you can perform the Steps 3a and b, below.What it does: Copying all of the game's files to your harddrive improves the game loading speed immensely and allows you to improve the graphics, too. It requires approximately 1.3GB of HD space, which should not be an issue for modern machines.

How to do it (4 disc version):
  1. First, create a new directory in your game directory (where torment.exe resides) and name it "CDALL".
  2. Then copy all the .bif files from disc 2 into this directory. (You'll find the .bif files in a folder called "cd2" on the game disc).
  3. Now copy all the .bif files from discs 3 and 4.
How to do it (1 disc version):
  1. First, create a new directory in your game directory (where torment.exe resides) and name it "CDALL".
  2. Then copy all the .bif files from the "cd2" directory of the disc into the CDALL directory.
  3. Do the same for the .bif files in the "cd3" and "cd4" directories on the disc.
How to do it (2 disc version):
  1. First, create a new directory in your game directory (where torment.exe resides) and name it "CDALL".
  2. Then copy all the .bif and .cbf files from disc 2 into this directory. (You'll find the .bif and .cbf files in a folder called "cd2" on the disc).
It will take a while to copy all these files to your HD and Windows will alert you that some of them already exist. This is perfectly normal: These are duplicate files (the same files stored on different game discs to reduce the amount of disc swapping when playing the game from CD). Just skip them or overwrite them and you will be saving yourself 500 megabytes of HD space in the process.

When you're finished you should either have 188 files (4 disc or 1 disc versions) or 108 files (2 disc versions) in the CDALL directory.

Now we just need to edit the configuration file to point to our new directory instead of the CD drive.
  1. Open torment.ini in Notepad. At the top should be a section called [alias] and it should look something like this:
HD0:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment

Please note: Your configuration file might not be identical to this!

The top line ("HD0:") is where the game is installed on your harddrive (as mentioned, it may be different than shown here). The next lines point to your CD/DVD drive on your computer.

We need to change it so that the "CD" lines point to this "CDALL" directory you created. So, in my case, my torment.ini file now looks like this:

C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment
CD1:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment\CDALL
CD2:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment\CDALL
CD3:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment\CDALL
CD4:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment\CDALL
CD5:=D:\Note: You can ignore the CD5 line, it's not used.
  1. For the next step, we're going to speed up loading times even more. Look the for the following line in the torment.ini file:

and change it to:


(The cache simply copies file from your CD to your harddrive -- since you've already done that, there's no point in getting the copy to copy them from your harddrive to your harddrive!)
  1. Finally, to make the game look smoother and play better, make the following changes to the following lines in the torment.ini file:
Path Search Nodes=32000


Maximum Frame Rate=40
  1. Save the file in Notepad and you're all set! (Note: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should close and re-open the torment.ini file to ensure that the changes were saved.)
Note: Make sure you've installed the game in a folder that isn't C:\Program Files!

Before moving on, try running Planescape: Torment and ensuring that it loads correctly. If it doesn't, then you need to redo the steps above before applying the patches below.

Step 3a: Install The Bigg's Widescreen mod (Highly recommended)
(Currently at version 3.05)
Note: You MUST complete Step 2 before attempting to install this mod (unless you're a version owner)!

What it does: This awesome patch allows you to play Planescape: Torment at a higher resolution, making the game look a whole lot better, especially on modern monitors.

If you have existing savegames you must let the mod update them during installation otherwise they will become invalidated. (The mod will give you a choice during installation.) I strongly suggest backing up your saves first. Please note: As a side-effect of adapting your saves to the new system, all previously explored areas will be re-covered in the "fog of war".

How to install: Download from mod from here: The Bigg's Widescreen mod (no, it doesn't matter whether you actually have a widescreen monitor or not). (If the previous link is broken, please check the official site.)

Double-click on the downloaded file, widescreen-v3.05.exe (it doesn't matter where the file is) and Browse to the directory on your computer where Planescape: Torment is installed. Click Install once you've done this.

When the new window opens, you will need to answer a series of very simple questions:

1. Choose your desired language (e.g. "0" for English followed by Enter).
2. Type "N" and press Enter to skip viewing the ReadMe file.
3. Install "Component [Widescreen Mod]" by typing "1" and pressing Enter.

4. When asked for your X-coordinates, enter the number of pixels wide you'd like the resolution to be. When asked for your Y-coordinates enter the number of pixels tall you'd like the resolution to be.

If you have an LCD monitor (and I'm sure 99% of you will), then you'll probably want to run the game at your monitor's highest resolution to achieve the maximum sharpness of graphics. Here's a list of common resolutions for those who feel unsure of what to type. (You can keep experimenting until you find one that looks best for you.)
"Square" monitors
Widescreen monitors
800 600
1280 800
1024 768
1440 900
1280 960
1680 1050
1280 1024
1920 1200

Enter the co-ordinates and press ENTER.

5. Type 'Y' to update any savegames you have.
6. Type 'Y' if you're planning to play Planescape: Torment on more than one machine with different display resolutions. Otherwise, just type 'N'.

7. Finally, if everything looks good, type 'Y' to install the mod. When it's finished just press ENTER.

If you have any problems during install, check this thread for help: Common Problems Widescreen Mod.

Note: You MUST follow the next step in order to fix the graphics at your new higher resolution!

Step 3b: Install Ghostdog's incredible UI mod (Required)
(Currently at version 2.2)

What it does: Increasing the resolution of the game will knock many special graphical effects out of place, put videos in the top left hand corner of your screen, make the menu screens look really ugly, and possibly even make the text really hard to read. Luckily this mod fixes ALL the above problems... It's really quite amazing!

How to install: This mod is a little trickier to install, but it's worth it, and all of the mods in the later steps are installed the in the same way...

Before you begin you will need some software capable of opening .rar and .7z files. If you don't already have something, I recommend downloading and installing the excellent free utility 7-Zip.

First, download the mod from here: Ghostdog's UI Mod.

When you've downloaded it, you'll notice it's a .7z file. You need to open it up (usually just double-clicking on the file) and extract the entire archive directly to your Planescape: Torment directory (this is the directory where torment.exe is).

Once you've done this, double-click on the file Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe from within the game's directory.

Note: If Windows doesn't want to allow you to run the file, simply right-click on it, select "Properties", then "Unblock", and finally, "OK". Then try again.

In the window that opens you will be asked question, like with Bigg's Widescreen Mod:

1. Type "N" to skip viewing the ReadMe.
2. Type "I" to install the mod.
3. You will then get five options (in various languages):
  1. Install the mod with the default fonts
  2. Install the mod with 20% bigger fonts
  3. Install the mod with 40% bigger fonts
  4. Install the mod with 80% bigger fonts
  5. Install the mod with 120% bigger fonts
It's a pretty hard thing to gauge from just looking at the numbers, but luckily Ghostdog has also provided a screenshot to help you decide. Take a look at the preview below to see what size is easiest to read on your monitor (click to see full size):

Planescape: Torment - Font preview

To pick an option, just type a number associated with it and press ENTER.

Note: If you're running Windows 7 and AVG anti-virus and you get a "permission denied" error, you may need to disable AVG's "Resident Shield" before this mod will install successfully. (Thanks to Maale for the tip.)

Note: Don't worry! As with all of the mods below, you can always run the setup file again in order to change your options. So if you don't like the font size you picked, simply run the Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe again and pick a different option!

Before moving on, try running Planescape: Torment and ensuring that it loads correctly. If it doesn't, then you need to redo the steps above before applying the patches below.

Step 4: Install the Ultimate Fixpack by Qwinn (Highly recommended)
(Currently at version 4.13)

You will not be able to use your existing savegame files once you've installed the Fixpack -- you will have to start a new game. Do not continue with this guide until you're happy to start a new game!

What it does: Fixes hundreds of bugs left in the game. You definitely want this installed before playing the game.

How to install: Download the mod from here: Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack, and as with the previous mod, extract the entire archive to the game directory.

Then double click on the set-up file, Setup-PST-Fix.exe, from within the game directory. (As before, you may need to manually "unblock" the file before Windows will let you run it.)

In the window that opens, enter your language number (for example, enter "0" for English) and press ENTER. Then choose "N" (you can view the readme later if you want).

You'll then get the option to install the following items:
  • Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack, by Qwinn
  • Dialogue Spelling/Grammar Corrections (English Only)
  • Subtitled Cutscenes
You should choose to install all three of these items, one-by-one. To do this, just type "I" and press ENTER for each one.

Explanation of the things you've just installed options:
  • The Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack is, as you'd expect, a ton of bug fixes for the game. You definitely want this.
  • The second option, Dialogue Spelling/Grammar Corrections, again corrects mistakes in the game's text (some serious, some not so serious, but all recommended).
  • The final option, Subtitled Cutscenes, is also recommended as there's some very important stuff said during the cutscenes -- that you don't want to miss!
You can now play a bug fixed, generally improved, version of Planescape: Torment, but why stop there when there's so much other great stuff to add...

Step 5a: Install Unfinished Business by Qwinn (Recommended)
(Currently at version 4.12)

What it does: The Unfinished Business patch adds many missions back into the game that the designer's didn't have time to finish. Often these are items, conversations, and even entire quests that were intended to be in the game, but time and money constraints meant they were left out, despite being close to completion.

How to install: Download the mod from here: Qwinn's Unfinished Business patch.

Extract all files to the game directory (where torment.exe lives) and double-click on Setup-PST-UB.exe.

You will then be asked, as before, which items you want to install. All recommendations in this guide assume you're a new player to Planescape: Torment.

Do NOT install:

  • All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components
(Saying no to this will give you more control, below.)

You SHOULD install:
  • Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod
Do NOT install:
  • Restored Cheat Items
You SHOULD install:
  • Restored Able Ponder-Thought Research
Do NOT install:
  • Restored More Morte Mortuary Moments
(This is interesting if you're familiar with the game. Basically it alters Morte's dialogue tree at the very beginning, but players new to Planescape: Torment are recommended to stay with the normal version.)
  • Restored Candlestick Quest
(Again, this is better for players familiar with the game, for new players it's a little buggy and confusing.)

You SHOULD install:
  • Restored Deionarra's Truth Conversations
Do NOT install:
  • Restored Pendant of Yemeth Quest
(See Restored Candlestick Quest above for the reason why.)

You SHOULD install the rest of the mods. Each slightly improve and expand on the game in their own way:
  • Restored Elyce and Company
  • Restored Curst Citizens
  • Restored Curst Prisoners
  • Restored Carl Parfidor
  • Restored Morte & Ingress's Teeth Banter
  • Restored Alley of Dangerous Angles Thugs
  • Restored Items
  • Restored Party Comments and Banters
  • Restored Mebbeth
  • Restored Lower Ward Encounters
  • Restored Bestiary Entries
Note from Qwinn: You MUST keep an item from Ravel's Garden through most of the game to complete the "Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod" quest. This item has multiple other uses. You may have to forego the other uses to keep one until you need it near the end of the game. You have been warned!

Step 5b: Install Tweaks Pack (Recommended)
(Currently at version 4.12)

What it does: This patch tweaks and rebalances elements of the game. These are things that make the game more enjoyable to play, and have been requested by players since it was released.

How to install: Download the mod from here: Qwinn's PS:T Tweak Pack.

Same as before, extract all files to the game directory. Then run Setup-PST-Tweak.exe.

As a new player you SHOULD install the following:
  • Banter Accelerator (30 mins)
Do NOT install:
  • Dustman Robes Area Restriction Removal (it's a minor tweak for advanced players that may cause crashes)
You SHOULD install:
  • BG2-Style THAC0 Display (makes your stats slightly easier to understand)
  • Stackable Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Scrolls
  • Explore City Areas
Do NOT install:
  • Scale of Souls
You SHOULD install:
  • Save Nordom! Tweak
Do NOT install:
  • Disabled Stat Minimums
You SHOULD install:
  • Maximized HP Per Level for TNO and Party
  • Maximized Friends Spell
These are very minor changes. I recommend NOT installing them, but it's up to you:
  • No Battle Music
  • Use Floating Text Font Globally
Do NOT install:
  • Identify All Items
  • Early Glabrezus Tweak
  • Power Action Leprechaun Annah, by Black Isle
  • Easter Egg Morte, by Black Isle
  • Add Quickload (it's unstable, sadly)
  • Rest Anywhere
  • Tome Of Cheats
Note: You can change your mind and add/remove any of these items later by running Setup-PST-Tweak.exe again.

Step 6: Install Aqrit's DDrawFix (Recommended -- Not needed by users!)
(Currently at version 1.0)

Finally, modern PC users will need to install the following mod to remove any graphical glitches their state-of-the-art graphics card creates with an old game like this.

Download and instructions can be found here:

It installs the same way as the previous mods (extract the archive to your Planescape: Torment folder and run the executable).

You're all done! You can relax, start-up Planescape: Torment and enjoy one of the greatest games ever made in the best possible configuration. Hurrah!

Step 7: Help! I don't know what stats to give my character!

I've done everything you've suggested and the first screen I'm presented with is a bunch of stats for my character. How should I distribute them for the best Planescape: Torment experience? 

Fear not, the answer is pretty much unanimous for this RPG. Everyone agrees that, unlike most games of this genre, WISDOM is the most important attribute, followed by INTELLIGENCE, and then CHARISMA.

Boosting these stats will open up more of the story to you.

As such, it's been suggested that the following starting stats are best:

WIS: 18
INT: 17
CHR: 13
CON: 9
STR: 9
DEX: 9

DEXERITY is considered the least important attribute of the game.

For a further, spoiler free, guide for beginners, I recommend reading Orion79's Beginner's Guide.

Good luck!

If you're having any problems, here's a quick list of common issues with solutions.

Problem: I've installed the game onto my harddrive but it still asks for disc 2! What's going on??
Solution: This guide does NOT remove copyright protection(!). You will still need to have your Planescape: Torment disc inserted in order to play this game. There are a couple of "no cd" fixes to be found on the internet, but these will, unfortunately, most likely interfere with the many updates featured in this guide.

(Note: If you're having weird issues that nobody can help you with and you're using a "no cd" fix, that could be the cause. Unfortunately, if you didn't make a back-up of the original torment.exe file before you applied the "no cd" patch, then you will have to restart the installation of everything from scratch. :( )

Problem: I still don't get it. I copied all the game files onto my harddrive in order to make it quicker... so why does Planescape: Torment need the disc in the drive when I run it?
Solution: Yes, you are running the game from your harddrive, but while the game is loading it checks to see that you own the original game by looking for the game disc in your drive. Once it has finished this quick security check, everything else is being loaded from your harddrive.

Problem: I keep being asked to register my game, it's very annoying!
Solution: Very easy solution here, just go to the game folder (where torment.exe is) and delete the folder called ereg. This will stop that annoying pop-up from bugging you. (Thanks to Killah Mate for sharing this bug fix!)

Problem: The default game icon looks really cruddy on my Windows Vista/7 desktop
This bugged me, too, so I made this little replacement icon. Much better!

Download the Vista/7 compatible icon (right-click save as...).

Problem: I have another problem that is not listed here :(

Solution: Try looking in this thread on the Spellhold Studios website. Hopefully you will find your answer there. (If you not, you could try asking for help. Some kind soul may know what to do.)

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this guide, please post it below. Thanks everyone!


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Johnny Walker said...

@Drafell You can also buy the GOG.COM version of the game ;)

Hejan said...

thanks for a great guide.

I have exactly the same problem described by Shan on Oct 22nd:
Shan wrote:
"[...] When I start the game, as soon as Morte comes over to start his first piece of dialogue, game crashes and I get:

An Assertion failed in F:\Torment\Source\chitin\ChVidPal.cpp at line number 1124

A few notes:
- I'm playing on a 1366x768 native res screen and input that into widescreen
- I have no F drive
- It's definitely related to dialogue as I saw a guy on another forum having the same problem with no solution [...]"

I have checked and all edits to the Torment.ini are correct.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I love you, Johnny <3 this guide was awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Still great work with your guide. Newest widescreen mod is now 3.02.

And by the way, you don't need to watch the Icewind dale -intro which some versions have, I just installed mine and my PS:T has that intro. Press Alt-F4 to quit it.

ClydeFrog said...

Excellent and well put together info on PST upgrading. I have been itching to replay this again( have the original).

KnooBill said...

Hello again, I have finished the game, your suggested additions to it were great.
It got me into playing more of these retro quality games, could you point me to a site with a similar compilation (addons, improvements, etc.) for Baldur's Gate series?

the bigg said...

Widescreen 3.00 and higher has some handling of save games:

1) you can update your saves (which will allow you to change resolution without fully invalidating your saves); however, this will cause all areas to be covered by the fog of war again.

2) you can choose a save resolution, different (and higher) than your game resolution. This allows you (given proper setup) to run a game on two computers with different resolutions without invalidating your saves and/or covering areas with the fog of war without need.

The guide should be rectified to reflect the new features.

Johnny Walker said...

@the bigg Those are great new features! Can I ask: Will installing it still invalidate any existing game saves the user has?

the bigg said...

You can choose between not adapting your saves (thus invalidating them if you changed resolution), or adapting them but marking *all* areas as fully covered by the fog of war.

the bigg said...

Newest widescreen version is 3.03 (the admin must upload it, but it should be up by the time you get around to updating the main post).

Johnny Walker said...

That's great work, Bigg! I'll update soon. (How do you want to be credited, btw? The Bigg or Biggs?)

the bigg said...

I mod for fun and not to become famous. That said, my favored way to be credited is 'Valerio Bigiani (the bigg)'

danba said...

I installed the fixpack and UB but my savegame now crashes the PST which is annoying as I had progressed quite far. So uninstalled fixpack and UB; savegame now loads fine but when going indoors, the game crashes with the assertion error

f:\Torment\Source\baldur\Cvisibility.cpp at line number 1528.

2nd problem: When trying to download the tweaks from Spellhold, the download always freezes at about the 2.7MB mark.

Any help much appreciated.

Abbey T said...

I'm having some sort of problem with this... I followed everything to the letter, and it was working fine... but then I stopped playing the game for a couple weeks, and went I tried to start it up again yesterday, it said I needed to insert the CD, and my configuration/etc look just like they're supposed to. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong? MUCH appreciated.

Anonymous said...

there is a 3.04 version of widescreen mod

Johnny Walker said...

Hi danba, sorry to hear you're having problems. Have you tried putting your saves somewhere safe and then reinstallig the game? (And then putting your saves back.)

The mods shouldn't have affected your original savegames in any way, so you should be fine.

Probably worth commenting on the SpellHold forums if you're having difficulties downloading a mod (and possibly tell them about the problems you've had, too).

Johnny Walker said...

Hi Abbey, not sure what to say. Firstly, the guide doesn't remove copy protection... so it has always needed a CD inserted. As for a sudden alteration of files on you're computer... obviously something else has affected them. There's no way these files can change themselves, no matter how long you leave them :-/

Good luck!

Jayson C. said...

Dude, I just got my PST set up ALL THANKS TO YOU. You are a savior. Thank you so much for this wonderful and detailed tutorial for setting up the game. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was getting the "An assertion failed in F:\Torment\Source\chitin\ChVideo.cpp at lkine number 4322. Programmer says: No valid video modes supported." error.

After trying several things I realized my TV out was active on my HD 4850. I disabled the second display and I can now play in 1680 x 1050 or whatever.

While now centered the dialog text stays the same size at all the settings but I think there's a fix for that in the forums.

Hopefully this will save someone else some troubleshooting.

Nounours said...

Hello everybody :)

I just bought a French version of this game that looks really great.

I wonder if I could apply all the improvements listed here or perhaps only some of them, ona French version of the game.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say a massive thx to Johnny for the post and all the modders who worked so hard to transform this already perfect piece of heaven into the ultimate rpg experience. I bought this game when it was first released and it captured my heart and consequently made me a rpg fan for life, now i get to relive the tale with new content and perspective . You can keep your Dragon Ages and your Mass Effects because Torment will never be surpassed in terms of scope , storytelling and originality. I salute you once again and Ill see you all in Planescape Online (maybe:p)


Unknown said...

I'm so bugged as my 4 disk version doesn't do a thing when I click the install-button. The same with the setup.exe, nothing.

Win7, 64bit and that's about it. Must seek more info, been too long since I've tried PS:T.

C out

Johnny Walker said...

Wow, Copra. That sucks. I've never heard of anyone having that problem... Do you get any sort of error message? Maybe your disks are damaged?

ChiaLynn Kwa said...

Thanks so much for your guide!!! I was thoroughly confused without it.

Anonymous said...

This was a great guide, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice looking guide.

Unfortunately it looks like has gone away, taking the Widescreen mod with it. I found a copy of the English version 2.60 ( and a copy of the Brazilian Portuguese version (, but no English copy of 3.05.

Anonymous said...

haven't kept up here in a while with all that's going on, I have a question. I would like to know if anyone knows what is up with the Gibberlings3 site, it seems to be down. I tried to get Biggs widescreen mod off the site and off this site and none of the links are working to download it anywhere. I just switched from windows xp to windows 7 and needed to download all the files again to get my game updated. Unfortunately I can't get the widescreen mod.

Johnny Walker said...

Gibberlings seems to be back up now, I'm guessing it was just a temporary glitch.

kanedaozaki70 said...

My problem with the game is pretty simple. I am running it on Windows 7 Home Premium on a 64-bit system, lots of RAM (6 Gb), using the various packs of addons I have read about on your site and others, and it looks lush in 1920 x 1080.

Unfortunately I have hit a road-block in my enjoyment of what is a classic game. Every bit of text that is in dialog boxes, including - maddeningly - the actual dialog, only shows up readably for about a second, then fades away so much so that I can't read it. It just blurs away into the background, which is a bit annoying as I have picked up stuff, moused-over it in the inventory, and I am still baffled as to what it is and what it does.

I have a AMD HD6870 and it runs just about every other game I have tried it without this fading text thing. Any idea how to fix it, as I have done everything that the guides I have read tell me to do.

Johnny Walker said...

Hi kanedaozaki70, sorry to hear about your problems. Unfortunately since you have installed add-ons and packs from other sites, I have no idea what they are or how they might clash.

One thing is 99.9% certain, though. The problem arose from installing things from other guides, not from this one, as nobody else has ever complained about this issue.

I would not recommend installing any other packs with the ones mentioned in this guide.

kanedaozaki70 said...

I managed to fix my issue by uninstalling the game completely, reinstalling it, using the fixes shown on your page, then using the Windows Compatibility Toolkit to solve the DirectDraw issue - emulating it rather than rely on the AMD driver and it works. I can now read all in game text, which helps a lot seeing as how much there is of it, 8-)

It looks lush in HD. Thanks for the guide, it helped a lot.

Johnny Walker said...

That's a great tip. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Widescreen mod has been updated to 3.05

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

Nice alternate portraits for the game, they come with a Weidu installer so they are easy to remove if you don't like them.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you say early in your guide, where you say you must first install the game:

(and then possibly force you to sit through an Icewind Dale trailer - arg).

That is indeed annoying, but you can press ALT-F4 and you don't have to watch it. In some other Bioware games that works too, and in some, pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and killing the video task does the trick.

Anonymous said...

i know im randomly bumping this but i cant get past the autorun so i cant actually install the game it just wont allow me too.... it hangs for a second then nothing happens.... what can i do as a workaround i was thinking about installing in safe mode but i figure there has to be an easier way to do this hope your still looking at this Johnny

Johnny Walker said...

Hey, sorry to hear you're having troubles. You mean when you double-click on the SETUP file on your CD nothing happens? That's really weird... :-/

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your guide mate, that's help me a lot !

Great work.

Anonymous said...

you rule, i have to replay the game now. - ross

Anonymous said...

Excellent guide. I successfully installed all this a couple of years ago. Recently I reinstalled PST and this time around hit a snag:

Some of the older mods that use WeiDU version 21300 weren't automatically being updated to 22900 (used by Widescreen 3.05), so the installers would abort and delete themselves. The solution is to make a copy of your most recent WeiDU installer, rename it the same as the failed installer, eg, rename Setup-widescreen.exe - copy as Setup-PST-UB.exe, and run it again.


Alternatively, go into the Catalyst Control Center and turn off Morphological filtering under Gaming -> 3D Application settings -> Anti-Aliasing. It messes up text all over the place. Only turn that on for 3D gaming.

Anonymous said...

While trying to extract ghostdog's UI mod using 7-zip, it gives me a "can not open output file" message for each of the 127 components of the file.

Do you have any idea why this is happening? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Johnny Walker said...

It's something to do with where you're unarchiving the file, I think.

grateful-gamer said...

I know you posted this a couple years ago, but it just helped me rediscover an old classic and play it in a whole new way. Thanks for that!!!

Enrok said...

Thank you all, great stuff!

Yo said...

Thank you for this guide ^^

knightofni said...

For those who have the installation . setup problem (launching setup.exe and nothing happening), this solution worked perfectly for me

cephun said...

thank you so much for posting this!!!
it made it easy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for kindly posting this guide. It was extremely easy to follow and concisely written.

Bayemon said...

Ok, I am probably scrweing something up here.

When I try to unzip Ghostdog's with 7zip to the Planescape Torment folder (GOG) it tells me it cannot open the output file (the setup.exe one). I've re-downloaded it and verified there are no errors, but it still tells me that every time I try and unzip it, so I cannot get it installed. Any ideas?

Bayemon said...

Hmmm. I just noticed what you posted above. Let me try a different folder maybe.

DoctorHobo said...

Thanks for writing such an extensive guide and providing all the links!

Hawk said...

Perfect work!!! Thank you very very much :)

David said...

Thank you, sir!

Jarrod said...

Thanks so much for an awesome tutorial. This worked perfectly for me on Win7.

The golden age of PC RPGs lives on!

necrosrandist said...

A bit late to the party but this is seventh heaven!!! Thank you so much mister. :)

Anonymous said...

Good Sire, My name id Indra and I got this problem when installing the widescreen mod...[after following your guide of 2CD version though]

ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'
Resource [AR2000.WED] not found in KEY file:
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium on my netbook and already tried installing on different partitions of my harddisk.

Now i'm stuck and really really need your help since the gibberling site is temporary down and I wait for a long time to play this game... :( :(

Regards from Indonesia

paul said...

Indra did you make sure it's pointing to the right directory in step 2? Default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment\CDALL

Jeff said...

Thanks so much! Your guide is intuitive and easy to follow. This is one of my first jaunts into the CRPG realm and I'm glad I can play the game in its purest form on my modern machine. Thanks again!

Beholder said...

Thank you for your excellent, detailed guide.

As I have not played through the game previously, I am a bit unsure of whether the "Explore City Areas" tweak is really recommended for a new player (I am afraid it might spoil a bit of the exporation aspect on the first playthrough).

Any further advice on this would be most appreciated, as I would like to settle on whether to use this tweak or not before starting playing. Thank you in advance for any additional insight.

PS I have noticed that the versions of a few mods have been slightly incremented in the meantime; the current versions are:

UI Mod: v2.2
Ultimate Fix Pack: v4.12
Unfinished Business: v4.11
Tweak Pack: 4.11

Beholder said...

Well, too bad there hasn't been any input, but I think I made a decision. I've done some research and I would recommend consulting the following resources for anyone wishing to make a more conscious decision as to what tweaks to choose:

Another thing is that the default audio volume levels (all at 100%) seem very imbalanced (music much too loud, etc.; actually, this seems to be a problem in all of the Infinity Engine games). Having spent some time on adjustment and testing, I foud the following settings to work well:

Volume Movie=100
Volume Music=48
Volume Voices=80
Volume Ambients=64
Volume SFX=96

Johnny Walker said...

Hi Beholder, thanks for your comment. The settings in the guide are for a new player. And, as explained, can be changed at any time if they don't suit you.

Did you find an answer to your specific question elsewhere? If so, what was it?

Beholder said...

I decided to install the "Explore City Areas" tweak. The argumentation given by experienced individuals such as Qwinn and Ghostdog convinced me, the point being that a lot of beautiful art would remain obscured otherwise, while removing the shroud in main city areas (as done in BG2) should not prove detrimental to the exploration aspect of the game.

It has also been noted that the uncovered areas are where TNO had been to previously in his life, and as such it would be plausible that he regains his memory of one of said areas upon entering it.

On the other hand, I decided not to install the tweaks which maximize the HP gained when leveling up and the temporary CHR bonus given by the Friends spell. Statistically seen, with the tweaks you would end up with ~80% more HP at the end of the game, and the Friends spell would be ~60% more effective on average. While it certainly feels disappointing to receive only a bonus of 1HP upon leveling up, always getting 10 would IMHO be a bit on the cheaty side.

As for the audio volume levels, perhaps it might be an idea to suggest adjusting them in the "Tweaking the torment.ini" portion of the guide. I think that the values I proposed are an arguably better starting point than the default ones (where, for instance, battle music can easily drown out Morte's voice).

Anonymous said...

>> For me, it is the fog of war alone that flickers and only when I scroll! Incredibly annoying and I really am wondering if anyone can help.

The fog of war in this game is implemented as a cross-grid of black pixels, and LCD monitors really don't like things like that. There are only two options I can think of:
1) Find a CRT monitor somehow.
2) Play the game in a resolution slightly lower when your LCD's max resolution. Picture will get a little blurry, but the flickering should go away.

Scrumpy Jack said...

Thank you for this! This is a really helpful guide.

However, although I followed your directions, I'm still having one problem installing the 4 CD version on Win 7. I get the "Insert Disc 2" message, but it tells me to insert the disc into C: (my hard drive). Although I have the disc in my CD drive (drive D:), the game doesn't see it.

I assume this is because, in Step 2, I changed torment.ini to look for the Disc 2 files on the hard drive.

Has anyone else run into this problem? How did you fix it? Thanks for any help- I can't wait to start playing Torment!

Johnny Walker said...

Hmm, that's odd. I wonder if you made a typo in your .ini? :-(

Zeckul said...

Very nice article! You've inspired me to write a similar one for Icewind Dale 2:

Anonymous said...

Great post, very informative, these mods are amazing, and the resolution mod even works with other games using the infinity engine. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great post, very informative, these mods are amazing, and the resolution mod even works with other games using the infinity engine. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

My game crashes without fail every single time I enter the art museum in the Lower Ward. Any ideas why or how to fix it? I'd really like to complete this quest!!

I'm running a version of the game on Windows 7 64-bit with 1920X1080 resolution and all the lovely mods from this post. =)

Johnny Walker said...

Oh no! Bummer :( Not sure what you mean by "art museum", though?

Anonymous said...

Great guide, thanks.
Just one little glitch on my system that is of no real consequence - on exit, it doesn't close down properly and I get that little message that Win 7 is looking a solution to the problem which I just have to click on close and its all over. Other than that, everything seems ok so far.

Platemaster said...

I'm 21 and English is not my native language, thank you for making this guide. I couldn't understand anything when I was a kid when Torment came out.

I can't wait to play. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I am to the critical point of restarting the game and see all the mods in action. But I would like already to THANK you a lot for this very friendly idiot-proof guide. I am happy to see that people are commited to share their love for this great game (I finished it 10 years ago).

You sir are a gentleman!

Adop said...

Thank you!

This is just what I needed to play this game again after so long.

In knowing the teachings of your blog, I have become stronger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
I tried this one & it's great!

Anonymous said...

hey thx for the guide i was just wondering though are there any other content mods that work with the mods described in the guide

Anonymous said...

Every time i try to install the mod i get the following error:

ERROR: unable to find DIALOG.TLK in DIALOG.TLK

RoyMacDonald said...

Brilliant, I played Torment in 1999 as soon as it was released and finished it with over 4 million experience points.

The mod is fantastic and it was easy to do following the instructions but I can't figure how to change the resolution. I set it to 1920 x 1200 and it works fine but the interface is very small and a bit hard to see. I installed the 120% fonts and alternative resolution support. If I change my screen res to something lower and launch the game it still seems to be 1920 x 1200. I tried changing the res from the widescreen mod dos screen but the game would not launch until I went back to the 1920 x 1200 "X" "Y" coordinates.

The game looks fantastic though.

All the best.


RoyMacDonald said...

I've solved the size issue. I think it's because I had a program called multi res running that came with my graphics card and it locks the screen resolution.

I stopped multi res loading with windows and added some custom resolutions to PowerStrip then ran PowerStrip at 1280 x 800. It's a nice compromise between sharpness and size. I was finding the sprites and on screen interface too small at 1920x1200

I already had PowerStrip as I used to use it for forcing my graphics card to output a resolution my cinema projector would accept pre HDMI days.

Brilliant to be able to play Torment on a widescreen monitor without it being stretched out of proportion. Just have to remember to go to bed occasionally. Up till 2am the first night!

Thanks to all concerned.

Andrew89 said...

Hi! I've been trying to install the game as per the wonderfully laid out instructions, and having moved all the .cbf and .bif files and tried to run the game before installing the widescreen mod etc, this comes up: 'an assertion failed in D:\Torment\Source\chitin\ChDimm.cpp at line number 809'

I've looked at my nvidia control panel and can't make heads or tails of it. Can't find a way to customise the resolution. Never been too good with this kind of thing though. I'm using vista, if that makes any difference.

I'd love any help anyone can offer.

Anonymous said...

I think I figured out the common Assertion problem.

The problem with my installation was that I had previously tried installing these mods using a guide from another website. This site completely forgot to mention the need to copy the CD files to your HD for these mods to properly work when using the 4 disc version.

I had modded some files using the installers, partly unsuccessfully, which made the files corrupt and thusly were not removed when uninstalling and apparently stayed in the game dir when reinstalling.

Only after completely deleting the game folder and all files related did the mods properly work and install. Assertion error gone!

Anonymous said...

GhostDog's PS:T UI mod was updated to v2.2.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to use any language packs for the GOG version?

Prospector said...

Hi. First thanks for your awesome guide. I managed to follow it all the way down to Tweak mode When I run Setup-PST-Tweak.exe it gets as far as this and then exits:

WeiDU v 22900 Log

C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Torment\Setup-PST-Tweak.exe
version = 23100
Newest WeiDU is version 23100, updating!
WeiDU files in version order:
[setup-widescreen.exe] version 23100
[Setup-PST-UB.exe] version 23100
[Setup-PST-Fix.exe] version 23100
[Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe] version 23100
[Setup-PST-Tweak.exe] version 22900
[setup-widescreen.exe] loaded, 695296 bytes
Copying [setup-widescreen.exe] -> [Setup-PST-Tweak.exe]: false

Any idea what could have gone wrong? Could it be because I installed 2.2 of the widescreen mod?

Namik said...

Anyone have frame rate problems when casting spells ? When my character or any other NPC cast spell fps drops to like 2. Any ideas how to fix it ?

Ohrenbaer said...

Great guide, thanks a lot.

K9001 said...


Google for "setup-pst-drawfix.exe"
AKA ; DirectDraw fix

Direct link to the post with the fix

Just install it as the others mods in this guide, it will fix 100% all the slowdowns of the game on a modern pc

Game gona run at solid 40fps no matter what


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. I've been wanting to play this game for a few years now.

Geezer said...

WOW! 04 June 2012, and all these mods still work perfectly! I just did a fresh reinstall of the game, on Windows Xp (SP3), and the game runs perfectly!

Wilczek said...

Thanks for a great guide, it really came in handy.

Anonymous said...

Works perfectly, thanks a lot!

Jorpho said...

I'm finally getting around to taking a look at this. (I have a copy of this guide saved from three years ago!)

Two BIG questions: I'd gotten all the way through the installation, but then I decided that at 1680x1050, all the sprites were too small to make out enough detail. (This game has fantastic artwork, and I think it is ill-served by bumping up the resolution to the max in the name of "sharpness", unless you're playing on a 50-inch screen or something.)

So I ran setup-widescreen again and selected Reinstall, and it looks like it undid all the other mods I installed afterwards! What is the correct procedure for decreasing the resolution?

Also, as noted above, some of the mods have been updated again. (Impressive, the support this game continues to get!)

Jorpho said...

I'm finally getting around to taking a look at this. (I have a copy of this guide saved from three years ago!)

Two BIG questions: I'd gotten all the way through the installation, but then I decided that at 1680x1050, all the sprites were too small to make out enough detail. (This game has fantastic artwork, and I think it is ill-served by bumping up the resolution to the max in the name of "sharpness", unless you're playing on a 50-inch screen or something.)

So I ran setup-widescreen again and selected Reinstall, and it looks like it undid all the other mods I installed afterwards! What is the correct procedure for decreasing the resolution?

Also, as noted above, some of the mods have been updated again. (Impressive, the support this game continues to get!)

Anonymous said...

In Step 4 if you're using Windows 7 run "Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI" as an administrator or you will get the error "permission denied" even if you haven't AVG antivirus.

By the way, awesome guide! Thank you!

Archangel Jack said...

i would like to say thanks , works perfectly for me , infact the install mechanics are as easy as it can be , good job mate.

Anonymous said...

As a heads up, newer versions have been released a few days ago. Fixpack is now version 4.13, unfinished business and tweak packs are version 4.12. And ghostdog UI is version 2.2. The infamous Ice Knife spell bug has finally been fixed, and best of all, your 4.1x save games still work if you update.

Unknown said...

Hi there,
I'm kinda stuck on 1a - I have a DVD version and installing an official patch only causes the game to ask me for the CD2 in drive and doesn't fire up...I've searched hi and low for a solution but really found I'd love a little help - how to install an official patch on WIN7/DVD 1.0 version of the game so it doesn't ask for any CDs....

Plus on DVD versions there are no CD3 and CD4 folders (if I wanted to do step no.2) AND the patch spits out all it's files directly into my C:\Torment folder, so I don't know if I'm suppose to copy all this to CDALL or what?

I'll be glad for straightening this out, cause playing in 800x640 is a bit shitty:P

Anonymous said...

Just got PsT for the first time and found this guide. However all the mods fail on install. Any one else had the same problem or know a fix?

Anonymous said...

For those experiencing slowdowns and stuttering with the widescreen mod:

It disables ddraw at pst startup and doesn't require installing any external software. It's independent of the graphics card, too.

PS:T is now running smoothly at 1680x1050 (and what a beautiful thing it is!) on Win7-64 running under VMWare Fusion on OS X Mountain Lion on an MBPro. There, hopefully enough to let other mac users google this. :-)

stuffe said...

Just a note to say one happy customer here, I have it working first time following your instructions (there are a few new tweaks that aren't listed but the steps are the same). I have the game running at 1920x1200 on Windows 8 running as a virtual machine on an iMac with OS X 10.8.2

BenC said...

Hello, just a big thank you ! I was looking for a mean to get a higher resolution on this 4 CD game I bought 10 years ago, but never finished. I must admit it has been far more than what I expected, awesome ! Moreover, i play with a french game, and I can tell everything works perfectly on Win7 at the moment.

Pablo Recharte said...

So i followed all instructions but iam stuck in the widescreen mod. It works but when i start the game it starts as a small window in the top left corner (with great resolution). Any idea on how to correct that to fit the whole screen?

Darayvus said...

Chant is that gibberlings3 site is down. For the latest widescreen version, here: widescreen-v305

Magnusaur said...

Great guide, man. Surely saved me a lot of trouble, having the best mods explained and listed in a single post.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this guide.

Everything installed and works fine, for now at least.

Played this game years ago, brings back memories. :)

Unknown said...

Amazing, I normally don't comment on blogs, but had to for this.

Everything installs great on Win7, and was so happy to find this list.

Thanks for making my month!

Wiselion said...

Hi, Sir.

First of all, I would like to thank you for this fantastic guide. But, I'm having a problem when installing the Unfinished Business. When I get asked if I want to install Deinorra's Truth Mod I cannot say Yes or No and the window closes. Any idea about what I could do?


Anonymous said...

A really good guide, I have but one suggestion.

It is known that the "Subtitled Cutscenes" fix can cause dialog cutscenes to hang in certain circumstances. If this happens, one should remove the fix using the weidu fix installer.

Johnny Walker said...

Hi, thanks for trying to help, but I've not found any documentation that supports your idea it can cause hangs. Where did you hear this?

Unknown said...

almost 4 years after you posted this, it's still incredibly helpful.
Thanks for this.

Haborym said...

You MUST keep an item from Ravel's Garden through most of the game to complete the "Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod" quest. This item has multiple other uses. You may have to forego the other uses to keep one until you need it near the end of the game. You have been warned!

What itam is that 8v

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give thanks for your awesome guide. I want to be fully prepared to enjoy the new upcoming Torment game:

Wyst said...


Just wanted to thank you for this excellent guide. Used it recently and it really my new playthrough more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very detailed guide. It's very much appreciated!

Unknown said...

Thanks, a whole lot dude :D This worked like a charm for me. Thanks also to all commentators that posted useful advice and tips.

Unknown said...

I just tried this using the GOG version and wine on my Mac, and it worked great. I did hit one hitch: after running the widescreen installer, it seemed to install but didn't prompt me with options afterwards. When I tried running setup-widescreen.exe manually from the Planescape Torment directory, it gave me a confusing error message I didn't understand at first, but I eventually figured out. It turns out the GOG version came with a mod pre-applied using a more recent version of Weidu version than the widescreen mod was using, and it was asking me to copy setup-ddrawfix.exe over setup-widescreen.exe. I did that and ran setup-widescreen.exe again, and it worked fine.

Johnny Walker said...

Strange, I just ran through everything with the GOG a few months back and it worked perfectly. I'm on a PC, so maybe it's got something to do with that...?

Unknown said...

Just wanted to drop a note: Thanks for the above. Your guide has allowed me to fully enjoy PS:T on my Win 7 pc. THANK YOU!

Dave Williams said...

What a tremendous guide. Thanks, now I can play this enduring game again, and save the few bucks of re-buying through GOG. It's amazing after all this time that the links are good and the mods are being updated and maintained. Testament to a great game and a great community.

robert robertino said...

Nice guide, seems to work great. I'll have more time to play in the next few days, but the 1920x1080 resolution seems to make things a bit small (or I'm just too tired at the moment). I may have to lower it, which brings me to a thing I've noticed:
Changing the resolution/font size triggers some script that removes and reinstalls all the other mods I've got, right?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your tutorial!!!!!

you did a great job

Alex RV said...

This was an absolutely brilliant guide. Thanks so much. :)

Thomas said...

Thanks so much for this guide.
Like quite a few others, I got the version of Ps:T and just wanted to get a more modern screen resolution - instead I got bugfixes up the wazoo, more quests *and* better resolution.
All that tied together in one amazing guide; really I can't thank you enough. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this compilation. I loved Baldurs Gate and i allways wanted to play planescape. With these fixes the game will surely become even better.

Jerry Pitman said...

Wow. Amazing after all this time, this is still going. :D Good job on it, btw. I just wondered if I were to go back and re-install step 2 for resolution, because at 1600 x 900, I just feel like everything is a bit too tiny for me, if I would have to re-do the other installs also?? I'm just wanting to bring my res down to about 1400 x 800 or something in order to see things a bit closer, without creating more problems for myself.

Fabrulana said...

Love it ! Thanks man !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this guide. It was extremely easy to follow and worked flawlessly for me on WIN 7. I would make the one suggestion to walk people through the last step with ddraw, but otherwise, great job!

Unknown said...

Great guide. But when you get to the end there's Aqrit's DDrawFix and you don't say which of the 3 options to choose. Does it matter? Thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for organizing the tools that will help make my first time playing Placescape a more enjoyable experience! \m/

Anonymous said...

I have Torment from the D&D Anthology The Masters Collection. The problem is that it installs a version that doesn't require a cd, and after running these mods it asks for a cd and none of the ones that came with the collection work. Even doing the installation as described for the version doesn't work.

Johnny Walker said...

Sorry to hear that! Try posting on the forums like it suggests in the guide.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any way to remove the pop up speech from all the NPCs?

I play at a high resolution and there are at times about five things flashing up for a second or two. I can't read all of them and as such are very distracting.


Johnny Walker said...

Sorry, I don't believe that's possible. Maybe ask on the forums link to in the main article?

Matthew said...

I have played the original game and got till the half of the story, but then had to change the computer. Now I saw the deal on and got the game for around $5 :)) But I remembered this guid (had it bookmarked) and got back to install the fixes so that I can now finish the game properly. But as I see a lot of the things were included in the GOG version, it would be cool if it had all of them included. said...

Hi johnny i need your help..

i extracted the game in c: games

then i get error popping up

Fixing an Assertion Failed 809

Johnny Walker said...

David, you wrote in your previous message that you torrented the game. This is why you're having a problem, and nobody is going to give any assistance in solving it.

Simply buy yourself a DRM free version from Good Ol' Games.

Anonymous said...

Hey :) i'm having a lagging problem with the game...I installed the mods by following the guide bt for some reason the game is laggy and completely unplayable... is there a solution to this problem ?

Anonymous said...

I have GOG version, and i've already done everystep in this guide. But it asks me for the 2nd disc and the gog version its only a installer, nothing to copy. Any help?

Johnny Walker said...

If you've done every step in the guide, you should know exactly at what point that request appeared. After which step did it appear?

I have the GOG version and recently did a full install myself. It worked perfectly. Sounds like you've done something wrong.

Unknown said...

I've done everything in the list...but is there a mod to make the UI bigger? I'm playing at 1080p and the main buttons are so hard to see.

Anonymous said...


Fizztron said...
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Johnny Walker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

So I installed this game via
and I keep getting this message when trying to install the second mod-ghostdogs mod. unable to find dialog.tlk in:dialog.tlk

I then attempted to copy the files in the ghostdogs folder and place them into my torment folder, I then get this message- ERROR loading [torment.exe] and error unix.unix_error<20, "stat", "torment.exe">

if anyone could shed some lighto n my problem i would be highly appreative and happy i just want this to work!!! so please help. tyvm

Johnny Walker said...

Sounds like there's something wrong with your installation:

Unknown said...

well Im not too sure its the game install because i can play the game just fine. Ill check it out tho thanx

Unknown said...

I am having an issue with the install where it seems like the video is zoomed in for lack of a better description. It looks like I only get the upper left hand corner then down about half the screen and across a little more than half the screen. I am trying to run this in a fusion VM on a retina display mac. I have the vm set to 1920 x 1200 for the resolution but I am wondering if somehow the native resolution from the display (which is 2880 x 1800) is being detected by the game. The game runs I just can't play it.

Pinstripeowl said...

Thank you for your step by step guide! I'm a bit useless when it comes to mods and while I've enjoyed P:T (having bought it recently), some of the graphical issues were bugging me massively. Hopefully this'll make everything better! :D

Anonymous said...

I have a problem within the game. I installed all patches and after opening the game while moving the screen it just starts sliding uncontrollably to one side. Then stops on black area of the map and I cannot move it in any other direction. Can you help me with this?

Johnny Walker said...

Sounds like you've got a key pressed down. Maybe a controller plugged in?

OnTheWayToTheFuture said...

Not sure if you are still around, but THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2014, dear Planescape: Torment community! Long live us! :)

Dustin said...

Looking for some help here. I installed the mods, everything looks good. Im in the first room, I get the key, the key disappears out of my inventory "key is used" I think is the message. And the door is locked, so Im stuck in the first room.

Anonymous said...

Im having a problem where the game is taking up 1/4 of the screen in the upper left hand side. when is use the widescreen mod is enter 1920x1080. What am i doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

You need to follow the Step 3b: Install Ghostdog's incredible UI mod

Johnny Walker said...

Happy New Year!

Thanks for fielding that question, Anonymous. It certainly sounds like that chap hadn't bothered to read the guide!

Anonymous said...

i have 4cd version of Torment. I copied 2-4 cds to CDALL folder and changed path in ini file, but game still want cd from CD ROM. what i should do? My path in ini file is 100% fine

Johnny Walker said...

Gee, I dunno. You could try reading the TROUBLESHOOTING section.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this. It is probably the best guide i have ever followed for modding a game. Its well written, easy to understand, and takes in to account whether a player is new to the game (which i am). I missed this game when it was released and never played it, although i have always heard great things about it, so picked it up in a sale on GOG. Off to play :)

BKA7 said...

Thanks for your awesome work!
But I am no native English speaker, so I'd like to have the German text when I play the additional content from the fan-made patches.

Is this possible, or is it only in English?

Anonymous said...

Great guide, thanks mate!

Anonymous said...

What a nice guide sir!
I had no problems to follow your steps, and the game works 100% fine on my pc.
Just one more thing to say... THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work on this guide and the nice clear instructions! It's worked a treat :)

Ray said...

Hiho, If one runs through you list in order, then decide your choice of Resolution means the game task bar is to small, so you change the size again, does one have to reload all of the other fixes again? and thanks for a excellent article

Johnny Walker said...

Ray, no you can just run the widescreen resolution change again.

Tagbis said...

Hello everyone, excuse me if I made some grammar mistakes here or there but I'm italian and my english is kinda poor. I tried my best. :)
First, thank you for the great guide. Always loved this game and always will, those changes made it amazing to play.
I followed your guide thoroughly, launched the game and played (for some weeks, so far, and everything was fine) and I thought everything was working great, but when I arrived at the alley of lingering sighs the game crashed, for no apparent reason.
I could see the cutscene in which annah finds tno's body, but right after that -and the consecutive dialogue-, when I move the cursor to the upper-left portion of the screen, the game crashes and a window comes up and says "An assertion failed in F:Torment\Source\Chtin\\Chvidpal.cpp at line number 1124". Just before the crash I noticed that, if I try to exit the area, the icon with the four arrows (the one that indicates the exit from an area to another, to be clear) wouldn't appear. Also, before that, I remember that I couldn't see the animation for the face in the wall (the wall remains flat). Any ideas? I'm pretty desperate. I tried changing the resolution via the widescreen mod but the game always crashes at the same place and time. Thank you in advance for your help!

Matt Bentley said...

You're missing one important mod/fix.
On some resolutions (1024x768) amongst others) the game will constantly crash at certain points and in certain areas. This is because of an unpatched area of the executable which specifies 640x480 for wall groupings.
The patch is available here:

and will require you to enter your chosen screen size again.

The thread describing the issue is here (patch link on final page):


Johnny Walker said...

Hi Matt, this is very odd. As I understand it this bug should have been fixed with the latest version of the Widescreen mod. I will get in touch with The Bigg and try to get to the bottom of this. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

There is another enhancement for PST:

It upgrades the music to higher quality. You might want to add this to the guide as well.

As for the other patches, they haven't been updated since over two years, thus the existing versions might be final.

Anonymous said...

Well, The Bigg's Widescreen mod actually has recently been updated to version 3.06, and there are PST-relevant changes.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there are apparently no footstep sounds (despite there being a "Footsteps=1" setting in torment.ini), no container/door opening/closing sounds, and that attack sounds are only played back if EAX is turned OFF (which is ON by default). Is all that normal, or is there reason to worry?

Anonymous said...

The latest version of Ghostdog's UI Mod (v2.2) enables stretching of video cutscenes. This might not necessarily be to everyone's liking (the video becomes quite pixellated on larger screens) and the functionality itself isn't quite mature at this point (for instance it doesn't preserve the correct aspect ratio). There is a way to disable the video stretching feature, as outlined here:

The steps need to be performed after unpacking the the UI mod into the PST directory, but before actually installing it. You may want to mention this in the guide, so that users who would like to preserve the centered videos are aware of this.

Alex said...

Just did the whole tutorial and it looks amazing. Cant wait to play it :)

Thanks for the awsome work

Anonymous said...

Hello! In game when I move the cursor to the edge of the screen to the explore the map and move the view, it doesn't work after I mouse over an item for description or loot something. I can only move the screen again if I go to the menu or another screen. Characters can only move with in the area shown since I can't move it. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your time! The info to install the patches was very informative and this is the only glitch I have.

Unknown said...

Just want to say "Thankyou very much" for this article I apreciate the time & effort you spent on it again "THANKYOU"

Jones3d said...

So, originally the backgrounds for this game were rendered at a very high resolution then cut into 640x480 game screens, so I can see how this might reveal more of the backgrounds if played at a higher resolution. The infinity engine this was made in is all sprite based, how can the resolution of characters or spell effects be any bigger than they were originally rendered at...? My apologies if this is already covered in the thread, I was just being nostalgic and ran across this interesting mod. Hope you're excited for Planescape 2, a lot of the same developers... should be good.

Johnny Walker said...

They can't. Everything stays the same size.

Unknown said...

I cannot seem to get my windows 8 64 bit OS to use 16 bit color. I cannot start the game and get an error saying I need 16 bit color. You have a great guide but I cannot get the game even to start!

Johnny Walker said...

Guy, this is an issue with the original game, obviously. If you bought it from GOG, get in touch with them and they will give you some assistance.

If not, this thread seems to have an answer for people with your problem:


Anonymous said...

I bought Ps:T in polish language version. I had really many problems during installation by your guide, but now - I have Ps:T in better widescreen! Thanks a lot!

But I have one (hope that is last) more problem - when I have dialogue scene there is only sound for first speech. I have no dubbing for rest of conversation.
My system is W7, I play in polish version.
Do you know what to do? (please, don't say reinstall :P )

Johnny Walker said...

This is a very old game... There is very little speech in it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for quickly reply!
So... is it normal, that most of dialogue text isn't speeched, only first words?
I didn't realized it earlier.
Thanks again, great work!

Johnny Walker said...

Yes, this is exactly as it should be.

Anonymous said...

Even in 2015, (ALL!)this works great in Windows7!

Peternak Hebat said...

nice article

Anonymous said...

Briefly: Bought from GOG, followed your guide to the letter, everything works perfectly (Win7 64Bit).

Thank you kindly, sir - that is a good few days of internet trawling and frustrating trial and error you have saved me!

Now, as long as the game itself is as good as it's cracked up to be... ;)

Unknown said...

Hi, just wanted to mention, that the widescreen-mod is at version 3.07 (the guide says 3.05).

Anonymous said...

I had an issue with the game displaying slightly off center (I'm using Windows 10). I managed to fix it, so I figured I'd post my solution here just in case anyone else has this problem.

Right click the executable and troubleshoot compatibility. Click "Troubleshoot Issues" and click "Program does not display correctly". Then choose "Error message...65536 colors or 16-bit color mode". That should fix it.

Anonymous said...

When I download the PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack Win10 gives me a virus detected with Windows Defender and removes the file.

Can anyone confirm if the file is in fact safe? Is this a new phenomenon? Or has it always been like this, and it's just the nature of the exe making changes to the game's directory?

Johnny Walker said...

@Anonymous That's weird. I don't recall is ever happening before. Might be worth flagging it with the mod's author. I doubt it's anything serious. If you're really worried, run it through

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if this works with win10? Having a ton of problems with the version ...

Anonymous said...

You rock, dude! Thanks a lot for this post!

Iceman said...

I'm on Windows 10 x64 and main issue was flickering when moving to edges of map.

1) Installed GOG version through Galaxy client
2) Run setup-ddrawfix.exe to remove forcing of ddraw rendering
3) Complete the whole MODs setup process (Widescreen, UI, fix, tweak, ub)
4) Added modified ddraw.dll from here (this helps also with not streching videos, keeping aspect ratio)
5) Removed intro videos following this
6) Compatibility on Torment.exe: Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Johnny Walker said...

Good job, Iceman! I'll investigate and update the guide.

Francesco from italy said...

Thank you Johnny Walker for keeping the guide up to date. I have the same problems as Iceman and I'm really looking forward for an updated guide.

francescoIT said...

Thank you Johnny Walker for keeping the guide updated. I have the same problems as Icemand and very much looking forward for an updated guide and a solution.

Vidivici Veni said...

Johnny Walker and all the mod creators surrounding these updates/fixes/additions to PS:T... thank you. So much. I'm thoroughly enjoying the newly released Torment: Tides of Numenera, and am really looking forward to playing this next. I've already gone through the whole process in your (thankfully) detailed step-by-step description. Out of the gate, the game looks and runs beautifully!

I had tried to play PS:T over a decade ago and couldn't bare it with how outdated the graphics were and how clunky the UI was -- but this is looking much, much better to work with, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying this masterpiece!

Thank you again, a thousand times!

MaskedSkull said...

Hello! thanks for bringing this awesome guide, I was very lost at first trying to play Torment in a better quality, cause the vanilla version I feel it so slow and buggy.

Installed all the suggestions,everything runs perfect except a minor issue: my cursor keeps flickering while im moving it on any menu screen of the game and with that all the game flickers from time to time, even if it doesn't crash, it's annoying cause it happens every 15 minutes or so, pulls me off from actually enjoying the game.

Hope someone can help me out on this tiny detail that's bothering me.
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

First off... Thank you. Thank you and all the mod developers showcased here. The work is amazing and has allowed me (and probably many nameless ones) to experience this game anew.

Now recently, there have been rumblings of an "enhanced version" of Planescape Torment coming out, around mid-April. Would you happen to know if any of the mods listed here will still be useable? (For instance: Will Unfinished Business still be required, or will the scrapped quests be added now? What about the spelling corrections in one of the other mods? etc.)

Would very much welcome a reply.
Kind regards and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

In a few days the remastered version of PS:T will be available:

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